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Anyusername to me: “The one who is warping things here in mefoshim is you. we both clearly saw sdei chemed/abarbanel and you, that can’t take a loss are twisting it in such a way that even I couldn’t do
Even if I tried”

I saw that the Sdei Chemed did NOT say that you’re supposed to claim that your rebbe is Moshiach, yet you wrote that that’s what he said. Quote please, and prove me wrong.

I saw that the Abarbanel did NOT say that the talmidim claimed their rebbes were Moshiach. What did you see? You claim he writes that Moshiach can come from the dead. Maybe he does. I didn’t deny it because I haven’t learnt the entire sefer. I don’t believe you’ve learnt it at all because you quoted an Artscroll as a source. Quote please to prove yourself right.

I said, many times, that Sanhedrin 98b and Rashi and the Maharsho there, which you cited, gives you no right to claim that anyone who has died can be Moshiach other than Doniel. You rant and rave and tell me I can’t learn gemoro. Fine. Show me where it says it. NOTE: from the Gemoro, Rashi and/or the Maharsho there, which is what you quoted. Don’t bring me other sources. Although I will be grateful if you can qote a source that any other dead person can be Moshiach.