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Now not to proof it from the wording in the abarbanel because in that we have our own opinions, but I think from the artscroll which looks pretty clear. Would be better (Which is also why I brought the artscroll to begin with. As I mentioned the first time.)

Artscroll quote on this gemora in sanhedrin regarding doniel being moshiach “(Abarbanel explains that it is possible for the Messiah to be among the resurrected (Yeshuos Meshicho lyun 2 ch. 1)”

(I think – that they brought the abarbanel to explain this gemora in sanhedrin which most ppl wont understand because everyone knows that moshiach will come from those that are alive. so they brought the abarbanel to tell you that, there are opinions that say no, moshiach can come from those ahat have passed away.

Btw isnt someone that twists the words of chazal an “am haaretz”? Meaning he doesnt know how to learn which is why he’s twisting them?