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Meno – “She dropped a piece of meat in your pot, let her take it back.” She wants to take it back (any pound of meat in my pot) but I want to keep all the 61 lbs of kosher meat and give her back trief meat for her dog.

apushatayid – “the dog food is kosher lipesach? is chametz batil bishishim? – It was treif chopped meat purchased for her dog (not chometz, but I loath to say the term “kosher” l’pessach on it).

Toothpick17 – “You owe her the amount she lost. Why would it make a difference if it’s kosher now. You should owe her Treif meat” – she says, and I agree with her, that one of the pounds of meat in my pot IS hers, factually 1/61 of the pot contents is hers, which means I need to give her kosher meat.

Amil Zola –
“1) Why would you be cooking 60lbs of ground meat?” – cooking for seder in Nepal’ high in the Himalayas in the capital city of Kathmandu, over 2,000 guests
2) Why would your neighbor put her meat into your pot – the yenta looked into my pot while holding a pound of treif meat she bought for her dog, and being a klutz, she dropped it in the pot.

laskern – “You cannot give the neigjhbor trreif meat as you cannot sell non-kosher meat” – one can give non-kosher meat to someone else, the halacha you probably refer to is that one should not have a business dealing in neveilos and treifos.

Avram in MD – “You should give her 1lb of meat from your pot, and you will still have 60lbs of meat in your pot.” That is what she wants, but why should I give her a lb of KOSHER meat from my pot? She put in treif meat – she should get back treif meat!

iacisrmma – “I am just wondering how someone can have so much mazel: matzah hidden on pesach? Waiter puts finger in soup? Treif meat falling into a pot that just happens to have 60 lbs of kosher chopped meat” –

…and people at kiddush chapping all the kugel and a serial shusher and being mekayem Ad Dlo Yada and learning Daf Yofi and being mesayem and writing a sefer…and sell my house and spend pessach in the sukkah…

I lead an “interesting” life (thank G-d the shadchonim don’t know who I am or my kids would never get a suggestion).