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#1 Oriental refers to objects NOT people. You have Oriental Rugs, but Asian people.
This is a pet peeve of mine, its use is bigoted and ignorant.
#2 I have posted before that youngest CTL daughter was born and adopted in China (at birth). On the advice of our Rav we adopted a child of another race to avoid all problems of mamzerut later on.
Raised FFB, she always considered herself Jewish first, then American. She never checked race on forms, leaving it blank.

She had no problem with shidduchim, and was in high demand. She has a BSRN, a MS in accounting and a JD, admitted to both NY and CT bars and came with high earning potential, no student debt, etc.

Not once was her race raised as an issue or objection to a date, she turned suitors away, Mrs. CTL and I turned golddiggers away. In the end, a female Jewish law professor fixed her up with a frum male law student (he attended yeshiva in Brooklyn before college and law school) and it was a fine match. Both sets of the parents were thrilled with the choice. They both now work in my law firm. Race was not and is not a issue.