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“I already explained above why frum women voting is not a stira to the frum opposition to women’s suffrage.”

no you dint and thats not what I asked.

I’ll walk you through it

you started w/ a pretend position that you dont actually believe “Women’s Suffrage Must End” and brought the following to pretend to back it up “Rav Avraham Kook as well as Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld as well as all the Gedolim were opposed to granting women suffrage.”

Phil pointed out “A full century after suffrage was granted, you will not find a posek… or telling women they can’t vote.” (I removed the part not relevant to this point )

you replied “Can you provide any contemporary poskim who rule that toeiva marriage must be illegal? Why would a posek today rule that, which is obvious, when no government will be taking their direction from poskim. Same with women’s suffrage. ”

I pointed out that this in no way addresses Phil’s question.

It may address why there is no call to reverse the general right of woman to vote. (which was only half of phi;’s response)
But it does not at all answer why you can not cite a single Rav who tells women today not to vote.
Your comparison to toeiva marriage falls apart quickly, as while many dont rally against it, no Rav says well now that it is the rule it is ok to get married

eleh mai tiyuvta d’joseph tiyuvta