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I don’t think that suffrage is a matter of psak any longer because that ship sailed a century ago and the world is a fundamentally different place. You called for this right to be revoked and attempted to justify your usual misogyny. Then, as usual, you didn’t hesitate to label those who disagreed with your fake halacha as being “feminist” or in favor of toeiva rights. No Rav or posek advocates for what you proposed in your thread. Abortion is a completely separate issue and many contemporary poskim feel that it should be much more restricted. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. When you ask “Do you similarly consider legalized abortion a fait accompli that must not be opposed?” you are simply looking to broadly paint those who disagree with your view on suffrage as somehow in favor of abortion on demand. At the very least you’re being disingenuous and more likely, it’s just more of your usual trolling.