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Neville ChaimBerlin

I question the validity of the assertion that no women’s suffrage would lead to republican victories. Is there statistical proof that there is such a disparity between women and men’s votes that women’s suffrage has ever actually made the difference? How many households are really 2-party households? (A.K.A. the kind that end in divorce 5 years later). Even for singles. It’s possible that for every feminist who will be alone forever (well-deserved) there’s a corresponding white knight who thinks being a male feminist will get him dates but will also remain alone forever (well-deserved).

Luna: Actually Europe has tried putting women in charge. Merkel has pretty much let the continent turn into an Islamic terrorist haven, and Theresa May continues to refuse to represent her constituents. Do you really think if America put Pelosi, Talib, and Ocasio-Cortez in charge that it would usher in peace and prosperity?

I would love to end women’s suffrage just to troll the feminists. I’m not convinced that it would make any electoral differences, but ruining a feminist’s day is enough motivation for me to support something.