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Grey matter

I maintain what I said as well as my diagnoses of the diagnosticians. Hashem runs the world. Our rabbis teach us that all deaths are predetermined. Hot plates, menorAs, waves and cancer don’t kill people, HKBH does. I am not downplaying the mitzva of hiishtadlus. I am merely pointing out the the reason why people tend to stress hishtadlus can be because they cannot cope with the realities of our powerlessness and submit themselves towards Hashem. It is Often not driven by a zealous feeling towards the unique mitzva of hishdatlus, rather a lack of appreciating the relatively unrelated mitzva of emuna. This attitude often if not stated explicitly you must pay attention to the tone of the comments. If you pay attention,you will notice many of these comments will not bother with understanding the details of what actually happened before laying blame on somebody or other. It is a way of making sense of the world. If there is no obvious hazard that can be blamed, they will create new ideas to solve the perceived problem. That isn’t our way. Just like after Israeli miraculous wars we shouldn’t say it is because of the brilliant generals strategy, so too after tragedies our knee-jerk reaction shouldn’t be to blame circumstances. I like what rjh18 said. Do you think there was a sudden lack of carefulness that just somehow happened in the past couple of weeks, or perhaps there is a unique message here from heaven to improve ourselves. If after this realization, it helps motivate us to work on hishtadlus I suppose that is a good thing. But for that to be the immediate response is both wrong and insensitive.