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Had Barack Obama welcomed so many apostates into the White House we would be up in arms.
That is a ridiculous falsehood.

As is this:
The tax cuts created a trillion dollar yearly deficits.

And this:
He puts the world including Israel in danger by breaking nuclear treaties with Iran and Russia.

There was never any treaty with Iran. 0bama’s disastrous deal was a private arrangement that did not bind either the USA or Iran. To make a treaty he would have needed the consent of 2/3 of the senate, and he knew he had no chance of that so he didn’t even bother trying.

And his purpose in making this deal was deliberately to downgrade the USA’s power in the region and build up Iran as a rival power. His whole purpose in office was to take the USA down a notch, and he succeeded. His deal did nothing at all to rein Iran’s nuclear program in, and it deliberately gave Iran the money to enhance its international terrorist activities. It was an act of treason for which he should be prosecuted.