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“And I don’t really know anyone who does (of the group mentioned)”

Its most people I know

I do disagree with most of the rest of your post,”

That is part of my point. the rest of my post isn’t debatable. Eg “Even Republicans agree (now) that he acted “inappropriately ”” This is a demonstrable indisputable fact (I mean some not all Republicans acknowledge this) . another line: “And as for Obstructing congress? Trump publicly said he is hiding evidence and instructed his stafferes not to cooperate.” again demonstrable and indisputable.

what is debatable (as Ive said) is whether these offenses are impeachable.

” I think it’s stupid when people (this is directed at people globally) only support someone if they agree with them, ”
I couldn’t agree more

” How bout they just have a different view point.”
This is part of the problem A Different view point is ok (even beneficial) if grounded in fact. However Trump has ushered in a new wave of “alternative facts” reality itself can be explained differently based on your viewpoint If you dont like the fact, just label it “fake news” If you do like it say it even if not ture. This is part of who Trump is, he (really Tony Schwartz ) brags about it The art of the deal

“Whatever. Glad it’s over.”

Lol! Its far from over. We have at least another year, and probably 5 more years to go.