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sorry to burst your bubble but you aren’t saying any chidushim, all that has been said over and over for the past 3 years and 4 months or so

you say “Do they care about his personal flaws? Do they even see them???”
Thus my question “If you don’t like Trump’s character, are you disappointed that the party didn’t’ nominate someone else.” doesnt apply to you . You don’t even see his character flaws . So my question doesn’t start .

I see reason to support Trump, I for one support him for his support for Israel (the comment “Ever wonder if these policies of his are politically motivated to buy your votes and curry favor with organisations like AIPAC?” is silly, of course it is, but so what?) however I think his negatives far far far outweigh his positives. A debate that frankly doesn’t really interest me . Because I think reasonable people can disagree on that point.
Some might support him for his bullying, they like bullies or his denigrating of those he disagrees with , or any number of reasons or ” he says things like they are” (a strange comment regarding a President who brings lying to whole new levels #alternativefacts)

I get all that. That was never my question, why would anyone support Trump.

However there are people, who say they DON’t like those character traits of his (again not you) to THEM I ask are you dissapointed that someone else wasn’t nominated .
Some Like joseph, said yes they would have preferred Pence but are stuck with Trump so will vote for him over any Democrat. Again, I get that. (though it says something about the Republican party if this is their position )

Others say well we need Trump because a “nice” Republican wouldn’t win . So these people are a bit confused. Becasue they DO like Trumps’s “despicable mannerism” and they specificly want that in their candidate. Yet claim they are voting in spite of it , this is the stance that puzzles me