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Catch yourself.,
Nobody made Bill Clinton lie under oath and nobody forced Trump to bribe another county to go after his political rival.
Everybody knows that whatever political/legal/constitutional grounds were put forth to not remove him were only the excuse for not removing him. The Republicans in the House and the Senate had made up from day 1 that they would not listen to any evidence or constitutional grounds to remove him.
The excuses kept getting more bizarre. It started from he did not do it , to yes he definitely did it and it is really an impeachable offense , but he learnt his lesson.

I have said before on YWN that Trump succeeded in making Biden unelectable by the Democrats. He reminds them of Hillary and her investigations too much . Though all of the investigations went nowhere, it still was a dark spot on her. Trump has put a dark spot on Biden. He and Guliani can say from today until they get blue in their faces that they have proof of illegal activity but it is all a lie.
It has already been investigated and it is false. It is nothing but Russian propaganda.

Russia meddled in our elections in 2016 and had absolutely no repercussions. Why shouldn’t they continue ?. Trump loves them and has asked publicly for their help.