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    For forcing an investigation of the son of someone who had not yet declared themselves a candidate and who will not make it passed the democrat primaries????


    Klugeryid: Read the transcript of the “Perfect Call”. Have a few glasses of your favorite single malt scotch. Read Again. Repeat.


    The Democrats were very clear even before Donald Trump was sworn into office, after he shockingly won the election and Obama was still the lame duck in office, that they would impeach Trump.

    Everyone knew in 2018 that if the Democrats took the House they would impeach. The only question was what pretext they’d come up with to try to justify it.


    I don’t like scotch.
    Why don’t you tell me?
    You seem to be well versed.

    I’m confused that trump seemed to be prescient enough to know Biden would challenge him but not to know he would lose the primaries?


    During the impeachment trial, one of the President’s defense team showed video snippets of Democrats calling for his impeachment shortly after the 2016 election. He hadn’t even done anything as President yet.


    OP sees the results of Trump stealing this election and can still ask why was he impeached. The better question is why was he not removed.


    We are not done either.

    The American congress will impeach him again if he does another impeachable act.

    catch yourself

    Trump was impeached for being a sort of person absolutely abhorrent to his political enemies. He was impeached for the same reason that people said prior to his election that he was not fit for office. The list of his character flaws is too long to put in to this post, but all of them are the reason he was impeached.

    Everybody knows that whatever political/legal/constitutional grounds were put forth were only the excuse for the impeachment. This is like when your child says he can’t study for tomorrow’s test because it’s already bedtime.

    This is not a comment on his suitability for office, merely stating the obvious about the impeachment.

    ☕️coffee addict



    ☕️coffee addict

    Watch the impeachment merry go round come back with the roger stone case


    Catch yourself if You can.
    So you support impeachment for non impeachable offenses utilizing a lame pretext.
    I hear.
    That’s sorta called communism..
    Hope You voting Bernie


    Catch yourself.,
    Nobody made Bill Clinton lie under oath and nobody forced Trump to bribe another county to go after his political rival.
    Everybody knows that whatever political/legal/constitutional grounds were put forth to not remove him were only the excuse for not removing him. The Republicans in the House and the Senate had made up from day 1 that they would not listen to any evidence or constitutional grounds to remove him.
    The excuses kept getting more bizarre. It started from he did not do it , to yes he definitely did it and it is really an impeachable offense , but he learnt his lesson.

    I have said before on YWN that Trump succeeded in making Biden unelectable by the Democrats. He reminds them of Hillary and her investigations too much . Though all of the investigations went nowhere, it still was a dark spot on her. Trump has put a dark spot on Biden. He and Guliani can say from today until they get blue in their faces that they have proof of illegal activity but it is all a lie.
    It has already been investigated and it is false. It is nothing but Russian propaganda.

    Russia meddled in our elections in 2016 and had absolutely no repercussions. Why shouldn’t they continue ?. Trump loves them and has asked publicly for their help.

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump had a reputation before he became president. He should have never become president. Whatever was done for Israel was the influence of Kushner and Ivanka. As stated before, he only cares about himself with an inferiority complex and narcissistic disorder.
    The analysis is obvious. As I mentioned a few times, Trump had a way out by not admitting anything saying, I am sorry that I was not clearer with my intentions and I was misunderstood but he cannot show any contrition. He fires every good advisor because he knows better than anyone else. The Rambam says that if all 23 judges say he is guilty, he goes out innocent because they can all make the same mistake. All this indicates that he is not sure about himself and afraid to admit anything. The advisers might look smarter than him, so he does not want to hear them. All must be ‘yes’ man. Whenever he makes a decision it has to benefit him.


    The Democrats realized that impeachment would not change anything. So did they go through with it?

    To distract from their poor list of candidates.

    To be able to point to Republic senators and throw dirt on them for this election. I.e. flip the Senate

    Bragging rights, even if nothing gets done.



    They did it because the constitution assigns them the role of oversight of the executive branch.
    They didn’t shirk their roles just because the republicans are in Trumps cult and afraid of crossing him. Trump’s actions – abuse of power and obstruction – clearly demanded oversight and being impeached.


    Cute they impeached him for obstructing their impeachment investigation.
    The dens are a real know it all party
    They knew Biden would be the eventual nominee so they know trump pressured
    They knew he would obstruct so they started the impeachment before he actually obstructed
    Fortunately it seems they are fast becoming the know it All wrong party


    “I have said before on YWN that Trump succeeded in making Biden unelectable by the Democrats. He reminds them of Hillary and her investigations too much . Though all of the investigations went nowhere, it still was a dark spot on her”

    I was not aware of any comprehensive investigations into either of them for what theive been accused of, maybe you can point me in the right direction. The recommendation of “extremely careless but not criminal” just doesnt seem finished no?


    i am no fan of trump, actually, i am. I dont support his personality though and what he’s done, but his oafish sincerity and his win by all means attitude are a benefit in a political climate of save-your-own skinism.
    I did not vote for trump because of his mannerisms and history, but do plan on voting for him in the upcoming election because of his policies that are in line with what i believe in. Including economy, Israel, border security, and much of foreign policy.
    The dems have not been mature enough to look at the bright side and ignore the idiocy. Because they dont see a bright side, they hate his policies.
    So they decided to impeach him, from day 1. There are recordings we all heard.
    You charge it as upholding their check on the executive branch, yet they have consistently proven that they have a PERSONAL vendetta against the president.
    And lastly, you write how he abused power and obstructed. 1 playing hardball with money was the practice of many a president including hussein Obama with the israelis, it is only abuse of power if its no ones interest other than his, but for a legitimate investigation, which is what an investigation of bidens actions seems to be, it isnt abuse of power. 2 obstruction is only illegal if its illegal [simple no?] but without a court order that he must comply with the subpoenas, he doesnt have to, and therefore its not obstruction see?


    @Kluger, Catch was actually calling out the dems on it if I understood correctly


    @ Kluger
    He was impeached [allegedly] for attempting to use his position to solicit personal favors.


    you missed the point of his question, namely that he was accused of interfering in an election that will never have happened. A real “Schroedingers cat” of a crime no?
    Furthermore you missed the entire argument regarding his acquittal. Everyone agrees he asked for a favor “first” question was if its impeachable or is proof of quid… neither of which can be answered by reading the transcript.


    “They did it because the constitution assigns them the role of oversight of the executive branch.”

    They were acting out of hatred, not responsibly. The House rushed through and did a poor job, then tried to tell the Senate what to do. The actual charges were not clear and concrete. Charging for overusing power, what does that mean? At that rate any president can be impeached if Congress dislikes any action any president makes.
    In this case, Democrats were calling for impeachment for over 3 years. Clearly hatred.

    catch yourself

    @klugeryid thinks I supported the impeachment…I did not

    @ jackk thinks I am a Trump supporter…I am not, and never have been

    @chash understood that I meant merely to point out the true underlying reason for the impeachment, which @MDG puts so succinctly as, “hatred”.

    I think Senator Murkowski was correct in saying that as an institution, Congress had failed because the pure partisan nature of the Representatives and Senators on both sides precluded any possibility for a fair and honest trial.

    I also think that Senator Alexander was correct in saying that, even conceding that the President did what the Democrats alleged, his conduct, though wrong, did not warrant removal from office.

    I would take it the step further that the entire impeachment was unwarranted, repulsive though one may find Mr. Trump’s character to be.


    Catch yourself
    You are correct
    I totally misunderstood your post. Thought you were supporting impeachment.
    Being as your writing is as a damnation on the dems I agree 100%



    You are not a Trump supporter but did not support impeachment ? Do you mean removal ?
    Do you believe Trump should be allowed to abuse power and obstruct justice to go after his political enemies without oversite because he is abhorrent etc …. ?
    Are you making an observation that lawyers who prosecute pedophiles and murderers find the accused abhorrent ? Should they recuse themselves because of it?


    MDG and Catch,

    Neither of you know what anybody thinks about Trump or what the motivation for impeachment was. Members of congress are not babies although many act like ones.

    The constitution was written for human beings. Not angels.

    According to you we can just throw out every impeachment because they hated Richard Nixon (oh boy did they!) and they hated Bill Clinton. (Super Oh Boy did they!!).
    The myth of “They hated him” and therefore impeached him is meaningless.


    400 house members voted against Nixon.
    Clearly bipartisan.

    The Clinton impeachment was not worthy, nor the Trump impeachment. In both, they did something possibly wrong. In my opinion, neither were impeachable offences. But both impeachments were clearly partisan.


    No. Nixon was impeached for cause. That’s why he stepped down.
    Clinton you are correct. It was just hate. Same like here. Both worthless impeachments. It’s just a badge that you got under the other parties skin.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Wait…. Clinton didn’t lie under oath when he said “I didn’t not have relations with that woman”


    “Clinton didn’t lie under oath ….”

    Yes he committed perjury. But was it with impeachment? I don’t think so.


    C A
    I call that the Martha Stewart offense
    Congress had no business making a public investigation about a private ”affair” of his.
    You can’t back a guy into a corner where he needs to publicly embarrass himself or lie, and then wham now we got the crime we needed so we can impeach you.
    Similar to the obstruction charge here, (though the obstruction is even weaker it’s like saying or president we are investigating you. Please hand over anything we want, roll over and play dead, or we will call you obstructionist and slam you for that too.)
    If they asked him under oath what he ate for breakfast and he said yogurt and they have witnesses that he did not ,so you should impeach him too?
    If they had no business asking the question in the first place, in my opinion, they can’t use his answers.
    Why don’t they start every trial asking the accused, under oath, did you do this crime?
    Then every time someone is found guilty they can add jail time for lying under oath too!
    That is pure lunacy. If you think someone did something wrong it’s your business to find it out. Don’t ask the guy. And if you do, you have no right to expect the truth.
    So yes he lied. It’s not even an offense in my book.
    And I hate Clinton.I think he brought down the morals of this country.
    Whereas trump, if Hollywood would portray trumps moral level it would be a step up, and they probably would have a hard time selling those movies. So I don’t think his morals are impacting the country negatively.

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