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I call that the Martha Stewart offense
Congress had no business making a public investigation about a private ”affair” of his.
You can’t back a guy into a corner where he needs to publicly embarrass himself or lie, and then wham now we got the crime we needed so we can impeach you.
Similar to the obstruction charge here, (though the obstruction is even weaker it’s like saying or president we are investigating you. Please hand over anything we want, roll over and play dead, or we will call you obstructionist and slam you for that too.)
If they asked him under oath what he ate for breakfast and he said yogurt and they have witnesses that he did not ,so you should impeach him too?
If they had no business asking the question in the first place, in my opinion, they can’t use his answers.
Why don’t they start every trial asking the accused, under oath, did you do this crime?
Then every time someone is found guilty they can add jail time for lying under oath too!
That is pure lunacy. If you think someone did something wrong it’s your business to find it out. Don’t ask the guy. And if you do, you have no right to expect the truth.
So yes he lied. It’s not even an offense in my book.
And I hate Clinton.I think he brought down the morals of this country.
Whereas trump, if Hollywood would portray trumps moral level it would be a step up, and they probably would have a hard time selling those movies. So I don’t think his morals are impacting the country negatively.