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“o be repeatedly telling people they are missing their own points and contexts”

Its a “bug” of the coffee room

Anybody can join any conversation. So If I comment on a specific comment . Other posters assume that that applies to anything said on the trhed. Which of curse it doesn’t

“I find myself torn between admiring your self confidence and pitying your self assurance. ”
Its neither . I was commenting on a specific point . not whatever any other poster may have said (or thought) was included in that point.

The bottom line is The torah allows abortion (in limited cases)
therefore we are better off with legal abortions so people who need a Torah alllowed one can get it.

That was my point . If I wasnt clear on this at first, I clarified in follow up posts.
I’m not sure why its on me if another poster still insitst we are discussing another case, then says we werent then says we were.

“when there is such a recurring theme, that it isn’t “everyone else who’re driving the wrong way around you.”
but if they are then they are. If there is any post that confused you I’d be happy to explain