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This thread is a bit silly

Of course we COULD do without many things. doesnt neccesairly mean we should. Most of us went at least some time without any minyan. I dont think anyone would suggest” Wow we managed without minyan I guess we could do without it”
Similarly i’m a bit lost why because we survived without “Going to the parents/ in laws for Yomtov” is trying to add. I mean sure we survived without but a. did anyone really think otherwise and b. so what ?

“The frum people who work in the following industries are delighted that Rabbonim speak out against what they do for parnassa,”

This is easily one of the strangest things posted on this forum
If people waste money on something silly. It doesn’t make it ok just becasue some frum people are making a parnassa out of some silliness. And if it isnt waste then it isnt. If you think 10,000 people (or however many it is ) traveling to lizhensk is a good thing say so, and perhaps explain why. but if it is a waste of money, it doesn’t become good because someone makes a buck of the silliness