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Milhouse-I think your attitude is what underlying a generation or two of people missing the point. It is not good for our generation as a whole to follow a shallow lifestyle not based on ruchniyus. We are on this planet to get closer to Hashem. If you have $ and use it for things other than that goal you are missing out on the purpose of your existence. Just because an action has a loose relationship to Judaism does not mean that it is being in order to serve G-d and to get closer to Him or to bring your fellow Jew closer to Him.

Do people spend gobs of $ on simchos as a way to serve G-d? What is the effect it has on the rest of the community?

Do people go to hotels on pesach bec. they are better able to tap into the real meaning of the holiday there?

The OP is correct and those who miss the opportunity to learn from the magefa are the losers. A pandemic is a terrible thing to waste.