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Viznitz is very devoted around
giving shevach to Hashem, pesukei dezimra, nishmas, hakol yoiducha etc…
Shabbos, getting together, it is always referred to as the “heiliger Shabbos”
Ahavas Yisroel, tend to be more inclusive, less eager to criticize, steer away from kana’us

Unlike Chabad or breslov, there is very little focus on learning “chassidus”

Unlike Ger and Belz, there is perhaps slightly less issue made out of learnig, and slightly less encouragement for full time learning. nonetheless kevi’us ittim is very important – especially in monsey

The rebbe is viewed as a extremely holy, he is generally refeered to as the heilige rebbe. all the wider family are viewed as being special as rebbishe eineklach, wear special “kolpiks” from barmitzva ataro and bekeshe even during the week, ec… most are expected tp become rebbes’ but not quite like nadvorna.

They daven a little late, but not like amcshinov, just a little

There were two beautiful articles in mishpacha, one about R’ Yisroel hager shlit”a and one about the toldos Avrohom yitzchok rebbe – whio is a talmid, they should be of use. Dr. alfasi’s books would probably also be useful.