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    I’m doing an assignment for a Jewish history class. I was assigned the vishnitz topic. Can someone please help and explain Vishnitz philosophy. I couldn’t fine anything online. Thanks

    Reb Eliezer

    Google vizhnitz


    Vizhnitz philosophy consists of three things:

    Torah, Avoda and Gemilas Chasodim.


    Vis. a vis Eretz Yisrael. Vishnitzer chasidim are not allowed outside the green line.

    The main objective is Ahavas Yisrael.

    Specifically וישמעו רחוקים ויבואו.

    There is a special nusach of davening.

    They concentrate on הכל יודוך etc.

    There are 2 main groups. Monsey and Eretz Yisrael. Now Boro Park as well.

    They wear the bow of the. kapelyush on the opposite side of most.

    The Rebbe’s family name is Hager.

    The Bronx was blessed to have Rav Mendel Chodorov who was a close relative of Vishnitz. He gave the Hashgacha on Goodmans Matzah.

    Vishnitz Rabbis are now related to Satmar (Rav Aharon) and other groups as well.

    Is this the type of info you seek?


    That’s an oddly specific topic to be handed. I don’t think any flavor of Vizhnitz (Monsey, Bnei Berak, Seret, Montreal, Monsey d’Bnei Berak, Bnei Berak d’Monsey, etc) has a particular philosophy that differs in any significant way that any other major chassidus, like Satmar or Belz. Some of the Rebbes have written seforim, but nothing nearly as influential like Divrei Yoel among Satmar or Tzemach Tzedek in Lubavitch. Were you given any guidance on this?


    There was a Viznitzer Rebbe in Shotz Romania before the war. He was a member of the Hagar family. Not many people know about that. My great grandfather was his shamas or gabay. I’m named after him. I think Seret Viznitz in Eretz Yisroel might be a continuation of Shotz Viznitz. I am not sure. I am not chasidish.
    Back to your topic-how many pages is this?


    Its one page. The teacher had a list of questions he wanted answered.
    Your paper should include the following;
    6. Founder Tzaddik/Rebbe of dynasty and approximately which year
    7. Original location – city and country
    8. Binding philosophy
    9. How is Tefillah conducted (with examples)
    10. Importance of learning (with examples)
    11. World view (with examples)
    12. Major contribution to Judaism
    13. Present Rebbe/Tzaddik and location – city and country

    The first few were easy but then it got harder to find answers. There just isnt a lot of info


    Viznitz is very devoted around
    giving shevach to Hashem, pesukei dezimra, nishmas, hakol yoiducha etc…
    Shabbos, getting together, it is always referred to as the “heiliger Shabbos”
    Ahavas Yisroel, tend to be more inclusive, less eager to criticize, steer away from kana’us

    Unlike Chabad or breslov, there is very little focus on learning “chassidus”

    Unlike Ger and Belz, there is perhaps slightly less issue made out of learnig, and slightly less encouragement for full time learning. nonetheless kevi’us ittim is very important – especially in monsey

    The rebbe is viewed as a extremely holy, he is generally refeered to as the heilige rebbe. all the wider family are viewed as being special as rebbishe eineklach, wear special “kolpiks” from barmitzva ataro and bekeshe even during the week, ec… most are expected tp become rebbes’ but not quite like nadvorna.

    They daven a little late, but not like amcshinov, just a little

    There were two beautiful articles in mishpacha, one about R’ Yisroel hager shlit”a and one about the toldos Avrohom yitzchok rebbe – whio is a talmid, they should be of use. Dr. alfasi’s books would probably also be useful.



    Unfortunately, the teacher knows little about Vishnitz, otherwise, she would not have asked you to write who the current Rebbe is.
    Chassiduyot have two manners of continuing their dynasty. One is that there is always only one Rebbe, and that position is passed from father to son or closest relative. This is typical of Belz, Lubavitch, Gur (Ger), and others.
    The second is for every son to take on the name of a town (not always the town they live in, and not always a European town) and start their own Rebbeship. This system is typical of Vishnitz, Nadvorna, and many others, especially the tree of the Rachmastrivka and Rozhin dynasties.

    There are now two primary Vishnitz Rebbes in Israel, both in Bnei Brak, brothers Yisrael, and Mendel. The Vishnitz Rebbe in Monsey pased away a year or two ago, and he had seven or so sons, each of whom is now a Vishnitz Rebbe (Monsey, Yerushalayim, Boro Park, Bet Shemesh, Kiamesha Lake and a few others).

    There is also a branch called Seret Visnitz, a branch called Shotz-Vishnitz, and others

    I suggest opening up Wikipedia in Hebrew and writing in ויז’ניץ, that will give you all the information you are looking for, including philosophy, tefillot, learning, history, etc….

    If it interests you, the Vishnitzer Rebbe of Bet Shemesh was hospitalized yesterday with Coronavirus.


    Some answers –

    6. Founder Tzaddik/Rebbe of dynasty and approximately which year –

    R’ Yakov Kopel Chusid (d. 1787) of Kolomyia, talmid of Baal Shem Tov, is considered the founder of the Vizhnitz (and Kosov) dynasty.

    7. Original location – city and country –

    Kolomyia or Kolomyya, formerly known as Kolomea, is a city located on the Prut River in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine

    9. How is Tefillah conducted (with examples) –

    Very strong emphasis on nusach, with their own siddur “Posei’ach She’arim”. Many ‘t’nuos’, such as a special t’nuah before the bracha of Sfiras Ha’omer.

    12. Major contribution to Judaism – I would say their warmth to mitzvos, especially Shabbos. The Yerushalmi-based chassidus of Toldos Avrum Yitzchok, with offshoots and adherents globally, is based off the Vizhnitz model.

    13. Present Rebbe/Tzaddik and location – city and country –

    Many. Two in Bnei Brak (Israel), R’ Yisroel Hager and his brother R’ Mendel; One in Monsey, NY, R’ Yisroel Hager (a first cousin) and his many brothers in Bet Shemesh (Israel), London (UK), Montreal (Canada), Williamsburg (NY), Kiamesha Lake (NY), etc.


    Thank you all so much


    Mishpacha Magazine wrote an article about the Monsey Viznitz Rebbe zt”l after his petira. I believe it was the March 21, 2018 issue. You can find an excerpt on their website and you can request the entire article.

    Learning was very, very important to him. He had his chassidim send him monthly lists of the times they learned each day.

    He asked that if anyone wants to do a “toivah” for his neshama, they should learn a blatt gemora every day.

    To expand a bit on the current Monsey Viznitz Rebbes:
    The Monsey Viznitz Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Hager zt”l had 8 sons, all of whom he appointed as Rav in different communities during his lifetime.
    The oldest, HaRav Pinchas Shulem zt”l, was Rav in Boro Park. He predeceased his father and his son, HaRav Yaakov Yosef is now the Rebbe in Boro Park.
    The second, HaRav Yisroel, is now the Rebbe in Monsey, NY.
    The third son, HaRav Mendel, is now the Rebbe in Kiamesha, NY.
    The fourth son, HaRav Yitzchok Yochanan is now the Rebbe in Williamsburg.
    The fifth son, HaRav Eliezer, is the Rebbe in Yerushalayim and has a new community being built in Lakewood, NJ.
    The sixth son, HaRav Dovid is the Rebbe in London.
    The seventh son, HaRav Aharon is the Rebbe in Montreal.
    The eighth son, HaRav Boruch Shamshon, is the Rebbe in Beit Shemesh.

    Shabbos in Vitznitz is very important. They start earlier than anyone else, a half hour before shkiya, and the Imrei Chaim said that there is a special olam habah for people who start 40 minutes before shkiya,

    As previously mentioned, Vitznitz has their own nussach of davening that comes from HaRav Koppel Chossid, who was the Baal Tefila of the Baal Shem Tov.


    What are tnuos? Physical movement?


    Tnuos is sort of a mumbling tune – like oy vey vey vey or bu bu bu bum, sung at various times before certain tefillos.


    rox-is there an inyan behind this?


    Nobody has mentioned what they’re now calling “shvantzonus”, which means being completely bottel to the Rebbe, obeying him without question, just as an animal’s tail “obeys” the animal without thought. Being devoted to giving the Rebbe nachas, having everything center around him. Chabad has the same thing, but calls it “hiskashrus” or “ibergegebenkeit”, which are both nicer words.



    R’ Yaakov Koppel chossid

    for a few generations it was based in kossov one of the main rebbes was called AHAVAS SHOLOM

    the first rebbe in “vitnitz” – a town in romanaia was the TZEMACH TZADDIK called R’ Menachem mendel and based in vitznita, about 150 years ago. He was a son in law of the Ruzhiner rebbe. viznitz therefore has a few minhagim form ruzhin like saying ledovid hashem immediately after shmoine esrei.

    He had two sons. the AHAVAS YISROEL who was called Yisroel, and married into the dzikov sanz dynasty. he had a tremendous influence in his warmth and approach to Shabbos. eretz Yisroel, and ahavas Yisroel which affect vitznitz till today. his younger brother was called boruch, he left vitnitz and was the fore runner of shotz vitnitz, and shtroznitz. he is known as the IMREI BORUCH

    The next generation was first the DAMESEK ELIEZER, when he died childless his brother took over, he was called R’ Chayim meir, IMREI CHAYIM became rebbe in 1949 until 1973

    His older son R’ yehoishua moshe YESHUOIS MOISHE was rebbe in b’nei brak, and he two sons who are rebbes R’ Yisroel and r’ mendel. His younger son was by nature stricter, was attracted a little to satmar, he was rebbe in monsey, demanded a lot from his chassidim discouraged voting in israeli elections etc…
    He has seven or eight sons as listed above.

    The Ahavas Yisroel had a son called Boruch, MEKOR BORUCH he was known as seret vitnitz and made his way to Chaifa, where his grandson is now rebbe.

    There is also a shtroznitzer rebbe in London – R’ gershon Hager, and numerous other grandchildren.

    כולם אהובים כולם ברורים R’ Yisroel hager is probably the closest in derech to the original vitznitzer philoshophy.

    Toildois avrohom yitzchok is also a bug talmid of the vitznitze derech, and many many things have also been incorporated in belz – the belzer rebbe is married to a daughter of the yeshu’ois Moishe.

    The Imrei Chayim had a grandson who was meshamesh him, he is called R’ Velvel Ernster, or the me’oir Chayim rebbe, in yerushalayim,.


    The Tnuos are a way to help you concentrate before the tefila. Sort of like meditation.

    RR44 is a little mistaken in the order of the Rebbes of Viznitz. I am going to list them:
    R’ Yaakov Koppel Chossid – the Baal Tefila of the Baal Shem Tov
    His son, Menachem Mendel, the Ahavas Sholom was Kossov Rebbe
    His son, Chaim, the Toras Chaim took over as Kossov Rebbe

    The Toras Chaim had two sons, Boruch Shamson who took over in Kossov and
    Menachem Mendel, the Tzemach Tzaddik who was Rav in Viznitz while his father was living, then became the Viznitz Rebbe.

    The Tzemach Tzaddik’s son, the Imrei Boruch was Rebbe in Viznitz after his father, but he was niftar after only 8 years.

    The Imrei Boruch had two sons, R’ Chaim the Antoniya Rebbe and
    R’ Yisroel, the Ahavas Yisroel. was Rebbe in Viznitz and moved to Grossvardein (he kept the name of Viznitz Rebbe)

    The Ahavas Yisroel (who was niftar right before the war) had a number of sons:
    Damesek Eliezer, started the Viznitz Yeshiva in Tel Aviv
    R’ Boruch, the Serret Rebbe, moved to Chaifa
    R’ Menachem Mendel, the Vishover Rebbe
    R’ Chaim Mayer, the Imrei Chaim of Viznitz. He was Rav in Vilchovitz until his father passed away and then he became Viznitz Rebbe. He moved to Bnai Brak.

    The Imrei Chaim had two sons:
    R’ Moshe Yehoshua, the Yeshuos Moshe who lived in Bnai Brak. His daughters are married to:
    The Skvere Rebbe, R’ Aharon, the Satmar Rebbe, the Belzer Rebbe and R’ Menachem Ernster, the Viznitz Rosh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak.
    R’ Mordechai, the Ohr Mordechai, who lived first in Williamsburg and then in Monsey, NY.

    The Yeshuos Moshe has two sons:
    R’ Yisroel and R” Menachem Mendel, both Viznitz Rebbes in Bnai Brak

    The Ohr Mordechai has eight sons, I already listed them in my previous post.


    Is there an idea in chasidus that the rebbe can look at you and read your mind? I found an academic article about that and Viznitz but it was in Hebrew so I didn’t want to break my head on it (save brain for a Rashba).

    Reb Eliezer

    I heard from Rebbi, the Matisdorfer Rav, Rav Shmuel ztz’l about the Pressburger Rav, Rav Akiva Sofer ztz’l that sometimes we need someone who can read the mind. It says ‘א-ל דעות ה when one is openly a tzadik and another is a rasha, it is easy to differentiate who is who but when both are uttering Hashem’s name we need special understanding to recognize who is who, which he possessed. He recognized it by looking on one’s forehead.


    There is a story about the Tzemach Tzaddik that some of his chassidim were preparing to visit him and they were discussing whether they should do teshuva before seeing him or let the Rebbe see them as they are and let him help them do teshuva. When they got to the Tzemach Tzaddik, they were astonished when he told them (without them mentioning their discussion) that they have to do teshuva, but their Rebbe has to be able to see what they were like even before.

    Reb Elimelech of Lizensk said that when a yid puts his hand on the doorknob at his home as he leaves to visit his Rebbe, if the Rebbe doesn’t know he is coming – then he isn’t a Rebbe.

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