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Some answers –

6. Founder Tzaddik/Rebbe of dynasty and approximately which year –

R’ Yakov Kopel Chusid (d. 1787) of Kolomyia, talmid of Baal Shem Tov, is considered the founder of the Vizhnitz (and Kosov) dynasty.

7. Original location – city and country –

Kolomyia or Kolomyya, formerly known as Kolomea, is a city located on the Prut River in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine

9. How is Tefillah conducted (with examples) –

Very strong emphasis on nusach, with their own siddur “Posei’ach She’arim”. Many ‘t’nuos’, such as a special t’nuah before the bracha of Sfiras Ha’omer.

12. Major contribution to Judaism – I would say their warmth to mitzvos, especially Shabbos. The Yerushalmi-based chassidus of Toldos Avrum Yitzchok, with offshoots and adherents globally, is based off the Vizhnitz model.

13. Present Rebbe/Tzaddik and location – city and country –

Many. Two in Bnei Brak (Israel), R’ Yisroel Hager and his brother R’ Mendel; One in Monsey, NY, R’ Yisroel Hager (a first cousin) and his many brothers in Bet Shemesh (Israel), London (UK), Montreal (Canada), Williamsburg (NY), Kiamesha Lake (NY), etc.