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DMB what about his bleach comments? He did NOT suggest in any way that people should drink it or inject it. He reported that it kills the virus, and asked, quite reasonably, whether it was possible for doctors to develop some kind of internal treatment using this. That’s a reasonable question, and in fact there ARE studies going on about the internal use of UV light for precisely that purpose.

Those claiming he told people to inject disinfectant, or to drink bleach, are lying Democrat operatives and nothing more. They have no integrity and no shame, and should be shunned by all decent people. The same liars also had the chutzpah to claim that the man who drank fish tank cleaner was somehow Trump’s fault. Now the police are investigating his wife for murder. They also claimed that some guy went on a cruise because of something Sean Hannity would say A WEEK LATER. Really, no shame at all. Democrats will say anything, do anything, to attack the President.