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Reb Eliezer

This remrnds me of a Binah Leitim explaing the MIdrash that Hashem asks us to make with Him a small meal (sacrifice one ox) on Shemini Atzeres after the goyim have all those oxen for Sukkos. When there is a big meal, the food becimes important because people are involved in consuming the food and not in showing friendhip and love to each other. Whereas at a small meal, the food is secondary. Hashem has a big sacifice by the goyim being kavayochel distracted by the big meal but by the Bnei Yisroel the importance becomes the show of love and friendship to each other.
Similarly, as the letter states and describes a small wedding because of COVID-19 where the true meaning of the wedding is being recognized without any outside distractions.