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Dear Just,
Meseches Horayos, first sugya.

1) If one does not take the time to know the basic concepts, how can he get a clear answer? Once we take the responsibility to self educate seriously, we can ask for further guidance.
2) I have a designated room to daven & learn there. Consequently, I cannot sleep there now. We lose the makom m’yuchid l’tfillah whenever we daven outside.
3) Ruling that we are allowed to make such a minyan, is not even a hint that this is t’fillah b’tzibbur.
4) We are allowed to do it b’shas hadchak. In certain communities there is a literal d’chak every Shabbos.
5) My main question is from a Torah (not medical) perspective, did anyone ask if we should do this?
6) Torah and Ratzon are very different. Why are you equting them?
7) Were these minyanim formed for the will of Hashem, or the will of those who do not want to face this trying time head on? Most people who insisted on a minyan at all costs, would insist that it is better to daven alone than with an unconventional minyan.