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“Maybe it has faded in the last few decades. As I said, there are numerous exceptions”

That’s exactly it. a lot of “rules” aren’t really rules, some that were go into disuse. Words change enough people use “anyways” that arguably it is a word.

DY referenced the “rule” not to start a sentence with the word “but. But of course there is no such rule.
you mention the “rule” “possessive case for things was well-established when I was a high schooler. ” of course there is no such rule as you acknowledge
Today’s rule “Remember to never split infinitives” again not a “rule” as you acknowledged (and earlier you violated as pointed out by Dovidbt)

Make no mistake. I agree with DY. I realize my comment sounded like was hooting you down. I definitely find language interesting so keep up with these “rules” discussing them is fun.

Though sadly I’ve long given up on improving my writing.