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Even a longtime opinion editor in the ultra-left wing propaganda outlet the New York Times today published much agreeing with what I’ve been saying in this thread:

“…We’re containing the virus, limiting the damage, preventing worst-case scenarios…”

“Our strategy is not the utter disaster, the national embarrassment, that some of my fellow scribes insist on seeing in our numbers. Our per capita death rate remains lower than France, Italy, Spain and Britain. Our slow-to-ramp-up testing regime is now testing at a rate comparable to Germany’s. Our death curve hasn’t bent as fast as the hardest-hit countries, but it is bending, and faster than in Canada…”

“States like Florida and Georgia, maligned by the commentariat, have escaped the predicted catastrophes so far, and the New York experience remains very much an epidemic unto itself. Indeed, you can argue that if Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio had acted just a week earlier, America would look substantially better than its Western European peers…”

“So the United States in the age of the coronavirus is not, in fact, the “failed state” depicted in George Packer’s much-read Atlantic essay and similar polemics…”