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Let me try to explain my understanding of the priorities of the Rav of the shul and all the other Rabanim who said no minyanim at this point in time.

As Yidden, our priority is to fulfill the ratzon Hashem. That should be our only priority. Let us, as we always should, look in the Torah, our guide on what is Hashem’s will for us right now.
#1 The Torah clearly says Hashem wants us to listen to the Rabanim in our times regardless if it seems to us that what they are saying is “right” seems to us as “left”. This might not be an easy challenge for some of us to accept. But right now the Rabanim said yes to grocery shopping, but no to minyin in shul! They said this very clearly.
If people go against what their Rav said, they are unfortunately transgressing the Torah’s laws!!!

#2 The Torah clearly says to follow the directions of the medical experts. (You may eat on yom kippur, or go against 610 of the 613 besed on your doctor’s recommendation.)

Based upon the above, I feel anyone making a minyin that is against their doctor’s or their Rov’s direction is unfortunately making a huge mistake in their whole attitude of life. The only reason we do the mitzvos is because it is rotzon Hashem. Trying to do these “mitzvos” when Hashem’s ratzon for us to refrain from it now is a transgression of the commandment Bal Tosif!!!
I understand that the regular yetzer hara is hard enough for us to battle. But even more confusing is when the yetzer hara it comes to us as the “frumer yetzer hara”.

My prayer for all of us is that we should have clarity in our priorities of what is the true will of Hashem right now. And to be able to fulfill his will with simcha, Even when his will is so different now than what it was in “normal” times.
I wish you all well, and will try to respond to constructive feedback. Wishing all of klall Yisrael a Rifuah and Nechama.