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YWN is an aggregator even though it has occasional original reports. Last spring the powers that be in the scientific world assumed that anyone who came down with Covid19 would get sick enough need to contact a doctor or go to a hospital, similar to the situation for other infamous epidemics, such as smallpox. influenza, typhus, bubonic, etc. They thus decided that most people who were infected would be come seriously ill, and 5% will die. That would mean around 15 to 20 millions deaths in the US alone. Most of the government (except for Trump), and most of the Rabbanim thought this was true and acted accordingly.

It turns out the experts were WRONG. Now that they can test for antibodies, it turns out that 90% of the people who “catch” COVID19 do not get sick enough to care about it. That the NORMAL for Covid19 is a cold symptom or less. In the EXCEPTIONAL cases, it causes serious illness, and perhaps 1 in 300 patients die of it (to but it in context, in the United States 1 in about 120 people die annually), It also turned out that the typical Covid19 patient for whom the disease is life threatening is someone already in per health. Based on the accurate numbers, confirmed in several countries, COVID19 was NEVER an “existential” threat to society, there never was a need for a massive shutdown, there was never a need to close the economy, there was never a need to give up davening and learning, and the experts were wrong. Note that realizing the truth, means concluding the most politicians, and many leading rabbanim, were misled by errors in the presenting the facts. While criticizing politicians and science experts if fair game, criticizing the leaders of our own community is halachically a problem. So YWN aggregates, and doesn’t try to get involved.