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A few things:
1) Calm down.
2) Bennett and Shaked are doing whatever they see as being politically expedient, like any other politician.
3) Lapid’s only issue is that he’s Tommy’s son and can’t help himself. Aside for his anti-religious biases, he’s not nearly as left as you think he is.
4) There really hasn’t been a true left-winger in years. Peres was probably the last of his kind (and thank G-d for that).
5) Liberman as Finance Minister can be a blessing in disguise.
6) You very clearly don’t understand how it works in Israel. The Likud, having the most votes, had the first opportunity to try to form a government. They weren’t able to, simply because they won’t replace Bibi for whatever reason. Yesh Atid, the party with the next largest number of votes, got to the next attempt form a government, and it appears they succeeded. To be more clear: The ability to form a governing coalition matters, not necessarily the number of votes. It’s sort of akin to the electoral college – you vote and your vote matters, but in the end, the electoral college decides who wins, not the individual. So stop whining about percents. A government was formed after two years of instability. End of discussion. You can hate it all you want. It is what it is.
7) So there will be a minority government. Israel thankfully survived previous minority governments, it will G-d willing survive this one. Just like how America survived Trump and will G-d willing survive Biden.
8) Bennett is sufficiently orthodox, contrary to your extreme biases.
9) The day there is a Charedi prime minister is the day a democratic form of government dies in Israel.
10) Lastly: Have you ever considered the implications of a Halachik state? What that actually means? I doubt you – or anyone on this website – would be willing to go along with that. Especially having grown up with the amount of freedom you had in America and have while currently living in America.