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    Bennettdict Naftali is indeed a clown.

    So is Tommy Lapid.

    And both can be criticized from many angles.

    It really doesn’t bode well for Israel’s future. I guess in shomayim they are forcing our hand to rely on Him bc there is truly no one here to rely on ….

    But what is truly mind boggling is how one person believes he can be prime minister after receiving 5%of the vote. From which maybe 10% actually want him a prime minister and the rest were expecting him to be a right wing brake on Bibi. A more classic case of ערבך ערב בעי we shall never see….

    It’s too bad litzman gafni and deri’s egos are not big enough. We could have a frum prime minister! All it takes is not having any shame and having infinite ambition. And enough chutzpa to say I will be prime minister or else!!

    When Bennet first announced he was considering himself for prime minister it was the biggest joke.

    Now the medina itself has become the biggest joke.


    The problem is the Likud refuses to put up another member other than Netanyahu as their PM candidate. If they’d do so right now, you’d have a right wing government led by Likud.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m more shocked at Shaked


    tommy was the father yomach shemo. this move will only strengthen likud in the next elections.


    >Now the medina itself has become the biggest joke.<



    >Now the medina itself has become the biggest joke.<

    , if you’re still looking for lukshen conjectures, here’s a great one.
    My pleasure.

    Sam Klein

    Hashem runs the state of Israel and the entire world. These prime minister or king rulers of the country are just messengers of Hashem to ACT as rulers but we all know the honest truth who really runs the world.

    May we all wake ourselves up to reality And turn directly to Hashem the ruler of the entire world to continue ruling the state of Israel and keep everyone safe. If we all do our Hishtadlus and put our faith and trust directly in Hashem the king of kings ruler of the world


    The best thing that could happen – just did!
    I’m Not NK, but I don’t believe that the Medina is the beginning of the Geulah.
    So whether Moshiach is on his way or Not, no one knows.
    But I do know, that this is the beginning of the End of the Medina!
    Because the Arabs only understand one language.
    It’s either us or them.
    This is the most Surrender of Israel since it’s beginning!


    It’s amazing.
    I just went on YWN News and I found this:
    “Iran’s Quds Force commander Esmail Ghaani warned Israelis to “rebuy’ their homes in Europe and the US since Israel will soon be taken over by the Palestinians.”
    “I recommend all Zionists buy back the houses they sold in Europe, America and elsewhere before they become more expensive,” he said in a public speech over the weekend, as quoted by Fars News”

    So anybody with a little brains knows that my last post is Correct!
    Israel doesn’t Stand a chance with Lapid & Bennett in Charge!
    Even the Iranians acknowledge this!
    This is what happens when you have a Medina that Spits on the Torah and Denounces the people learning it!


    Health. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Israel always stands a chance because of hashem. There are some politicians who spit on Torah learning and many more who cherish it and as a result there is more Torah being learned today in Israel (with substantial governmental subsidy) than there ever was. Look we are all upset that rat faced bennet showed his true colors but seriously, relax. Hakol Tov veyihyeh yoter tov mizeh.


    Made Aliyah – 😂


    Besalel -“as a result there is more Torah being learned today in Israel (with substantial governmental subsidy) than there ever was”
    I guess you didn’t read the News.
    Liberman got Finance Minister and Finance Committee.
    Why do you think Gafne is running around trying to form a Government without Liberman/Yisroel Beinity?!?


    @health, the Iranians threatening Israel is their way of saying “I’m bored”. Don’t make to much of it.


    A few things:
    1) Calm down.
    2) Bennett and Shaked are doing whatever they see as being politically expedient, like any other politician.
    3) Lapid’s only issue is that he’s Tommy’s son and can’t help himself. Aside for his anti-religious biases, he’s not nearly as left as you think he is.
    4) There really hasn’t been a true left-winger in years. Peres was probably the last of his kind (and thank G-d for that).
    5) Liberman as Finance Minister can be a blessing in disguise.
    6) You very clearly don’t understand how it works in Israel. The Likud, having the most votes, had the first opportunity to try to form a government. They weren’t able to, simply because they won’t replace Bibi for whatever reason. Yesh Atid, the party with the next largest number of votes, got to the next attempt form a government, and it appears they succeeded. To be more clear: The ability to form a governing coalition matters, not necessarily the number of votes. It’s sort of akin to the electoral college – you vote and your vote matters, but in the end, the electoral college decides who wins, not the individual. So stop whining about percents. A government was formed after two years of instability. End of discussion. You can hate it all you want. It is what it is.
    7) So there will be a minority government. Israel thankfully survived previous minority governments, it will G-d willing survive this one. Just like how America survived Trump and will G-d willing survive Biden.
    8) Bennett is sufficiently orthodox, contrary to your extreme biases.
    9) The day there is a Charedi prime minister is the day a democratic form of government dies in Israel.
    10) Lastly: Have you ever considered the implications of a Halachik state? What that actually means? I doubt you – or anyone on this website – would be willing to go along with that. Especially having grown up with the amount of freedom you had in America and have while currently living in America.


    Tommy Lapid hated Yiddishkeit with a passion. Yishai isn’t the biggest fan of Chareidim, but he understands enough that he doesn’t oppose their mere existence.


    would this be a government of doing nothing? the moment one faction will want to change something, another one will threaten quitting? or, alternatively, bringing more right-wing parties in?

    this should work well for domestic issues (and Kissinger said this is an only one in Israel), but could be a danger for international.

    note that last 2 years of “instability” worked spectacular internationally – best in the world vaccination, peace agreements, reasonably well prepared for Hamas attacks (both Iron Dome and note tunnels became a non-issue – this is not for the lack of trying).

    one question – Yesh Atid is making decision right now, but who will be deciding on changes in coalition? would it be a collective decision? I presume Bennett will not be able to drop lefties and invite Likud back in two weeks later?


    Come on, if you think Yishai’s goals are any different than his father’s you are sadly mistaken. Yishai just knows how to present his platform to the public in a package more readily received. Tommy was a boor and Yishai is Hollywood. That’s the only difference. That rat-toothed punk Bennet knows this too. He simply does not care.

    I hope that after Sharon, Olmert and now Bennet/Shaked, religious Jews have learned their lesson to never trust a secular rightist. A secular rightist is either a fascist, a Xenophobe or, in the best case, a leftist in disguise. If nationalism means that much to the religious voter, they have Smotrich or Otzma to choose from. Otherwise, vote chareidi. Stop getting suckered by secular rightists.

    ☕️coffee addict


    You mean yair

    Yishai is chareidi


    Could someone remind me what is the purpose of government? If the government can have combination of all possible opinions: anti-religious, religious, very religious (Islamists); also peaceniks, rightwingers politically, etc – then it is meaningless and VERY unequitable to not allow remaining parties that have some other permutations of the same opinions? So, all parties should be in the government. Let each knesset haver be a minister of something for a month. If they taki do not like Bibi, they can exclude him from Knesset (is bill of attainer legal in Israel?). Make him a Melech or a Nasi or a Kohen Godol.



    So the bottom line I guess of your הערות is that believing oneself is ראוי to be prime minister with 5% of the vote is acceptable.

    What people will say to justify inanity is remarkable.

    People like yourself are why politicians don’t think the public is stupid enough to be told any lie and accept any behavior.

    The emperor wears no clothes and all the ‘smart’ people concoct cockamamie theories as to how brilliant the emperor looks



    I disagree.

    Yes Bibi is a thoroughly flawed individual.

    But the unbridled hatred against Bibi is really just hatred against the direction he is taking the country, Namely, direction towards taking pride in the Jewish identity and believing at least somewhat that Jews have a right to defend themselves.


    A. Currently there is no leader on the right who can fill bibi’s shoes. That doesn’t mean Bibi is anything more than what he is. But can you honestly see anyone representing Israel better vis a vis ruthless world leaders than Bibi?

    I personally think Not Barkat has a future. He is currently the only politician who one can of as replacement to Bibi wo vomiting. He seems to be the only politician in Israel whose only concern is not me myself and I. (Maybe that’s why he actually has NO future 😑…) But he is still not ripe yet. Maybe that is indeed Bibis fault. But so what. The fact remains he has not done enough to get the breite pleitzes a manhig needs.

    So that is number one. Any replacement from Bibi is a giant chute to fall down from actual leadership.

    And maybe more importantly B:

    Backstabbing Bibi even to maintain right wing rule would be a huge victory for the antiJewish left. It would make it utterly impossible for the right to govern long term in the future. Bc the left now sees that anytime an effective right wing leader comes along all they have to do is attack him personally, turn him into a bogeyman and all the very self smart but easily brainwashable numbskulls will be chanting orange man or crime minister man bad in a jiffy. And since on ‘the right’ no one has a spine, they will just capitulate to the zombie mob.

    So as tempting as it is to replace Bibi and maintain right wing rule it would by a pyhrric victory whose ultimate end מי ישורנו.

    It is actually quite amazing that the imbeciles of the likud had stuck w Bibi to date.

    Since they are imbeciles and one could never accuse them of having the good of the country at heart, it must be bc they know that their own power is out the door as soon as a בריה like Bibi is gone.

    So not b’kitzur, as Churchill said: you have a choice btwn war and dishonor.

    To choose dishonor by backstabbing the best prime minister Israel has had will only unleash a worse war that what you would have had had you chosen it in the first place.


    A country that needs to be saved from a fifth election by a tembel who in addition to being a clown tries and might succeed to become pm with 5% of the vote and has many people (who just yesterday were saying the same guy is an evil occupier etc. ) now supporting his insane Gambit is a joke. Politically.

    The ibberchochom disease which plagues Israel has turned it into a joke



    Yes tommy is the father. But זרמת סוסים זרמתם. There is no yichus here. Biological output of Tommy Lapid is just Tommy Lapid.


    MA -“Iranians threatening Israel is their way of saying “I’m bored”. Don’t make to much of it.”

    Funny – I guess you think Bibi is a joke too for always screaming that Iran is on the track of obtaining Nukes!
    That’s the problem with Liberalism – they wake up too late!
    They never learn from History.
    How many countries said – after WW1 that the world was sick of war and there won’t be WW2?!?
    In reality, all the countries were in denial!
    Germany was preparing for Total World Conquest!
    At least Germany was very smart.
    They had many Intelligencalls and many Universities.
    What does Iran have?
    They want total World dominance.
    The only way for them to achieve this – is with Nuclear Armaments!

    Libs, like Obama and Biden don’t have a clue how to be a World Leader!
    They never learnt from History – Chamberlain also thought he could placate Germany by acquiesce.
    He and others are responsible for Millions of Lost Lives in World War II.


    It is almost always worth waiting ten days before reacting to Israeli politics. The deal makers in the Knesset know how to test public reaction very well.


    Bennet by becoming prime minister will have the opportunity to finally show someone other the slick Bibi can run Israel. It is very gratifying that the Prime Minister at least has a kippah, that in itself is important, especially since he represents the Jewish state. One of the most important things that Israel needs right now is a budget – this is the overriding reason for a Govt.. This was one of the reasons the last Govt failed. Gantz was upset with the way things were going with Bibi and withheld agreement on a budget. Bennet, if slightly successful, would be able to lead a right wing govt when the next elections happen. It won’t matter if it happens in 3 months or 2 years or 4 years. As with all Governments, let us hope they do less damage then Likkud led Governments (example: Likkud gave away 97% of Hevron)


    essmeir: avraham burg also wore a kippa. Gilad Kariv also wears a kippa. Have you forgotten about Tzvia Greenfeld? Please.


    Essmeir -“Bennet by becoming prime minister will have the opportunity to finally show someone other the slick Bibi can run Israel”
    You’re living in a dream world!
    Yeshivas won’t get a dime from the Israeli government.
    What is Naftali gonna do when Israel gets attacked from Gaza and from the so-called Palistians from Lebanon?
    His partners Lapid will give them what they want.
    “Please don’t hurt us. We’ll move to Uganda.”
    Bibi might be a criminal, but he has Guts!
    What does Naftali have besides Gaiva?!?


    1. Yeshivas will still get funded.
    2. Gantz is still DM
    3. Based on the way the trial is going Bibi will be acquitted.


    > One of the most important things that Israel needs right now is a budget – this is the overriding reason for a Govt.. This was one of the reasons the last Govt failed

    Who said Israel needs a budget and that the government “failed”. Stop reading newspaper headlines and think a little.

    It failed in a narrow political sense – that it lead to elections, but it seems that the government during last 12 years performed reasonably well economically, and exceptionally well during last year – in vaccination and foreign policies.


    Netanyahu torpedoed the last government because it was getting time for him to step down as PM and give the reigns to Gantz. And one thing Netanyahu cannot fathom is playing second fiddle.


    Essmeir -“1. Yeshivas will still get funded.”

    Anything is possible, but it won’t be too likely.
    I posted this above -“Liberman got Finance Minister and Finance Committee”.
    He has vowed many times to cut Yeshiva funding.
    Now he’s got it both.
    Will he cut all of it?
    This I doubt.
    But he will cut a lot of it.

    “2. Gantz is still DM”

    So what?
    The Prime Minister has the Final Word and he’s probably a Wimp.
    He’ll do whatever Lapid tells him to do!


    As an Israeli citizen, While I prefer Netanyahu remain Prime Minister, the reality is that the current situation is Netanyahu’s fault.

    He has treated Bennett and Saar like trash. They both are like the battered women who finally strikes back. You can’t contantly berate people and expect them to cower. The other problem with Netsnyshu, which is a failure of leadership, is destroying anyone who has the ability to replace him. A true leader id concerned about the future and actually trains their replacement. No one lives forever.

    A look at Netanyahu’s history, he had formed governments in the past with the Left, yet he is critical of those doing the same. The Right Wing won the election, yet thanks to Netanyahu, they lost the government.

    Bennett served as both Defense and Education Minister. He demonstrated that he is capable. This government will not last beyond Bennetts two year term, so Lapid will never be PM.


    Barry -“Bennett served as both Defense and Education Minister. He demonstrated that he is capable.”

    I doubt that; because he doesn’t have the guts to defend Israel from any Attack!
    All the Left knows is Appeasement, which is Now an equal partner in the Government.
    They Never learnt from History – Appeasement Never works!

    ☕️coffee addict

    To add to health’s comment

    Ehud barak was also a defense minister it doesn’t mean anything


    As others have noted, the egos of likud and religious party leadership are the primary reason that this is happening. There should have been a consensus alternative to Netanyahu over the past several years, but he successfully played one faction against another, lied or reneged on all his commitments and used Trump as a role model to gain leverage. They deserve what they are getting.


    Heath: It’s funny that you are using the typical tactic of the Left. First you are making an assumption and then pretend it’s fact. It remains to be seen how Bennett will act. You assume the worst.

    Then, you pick on the minor aspect of a post and ignore the crux of the matter. If Netanyahu treated people properly, none of this would be happening. Besides, it’s all B’Yadei Shomayim and it will be ok.


    Barry -“First you are making an assumption and then pretend it’s fact.”

    That’s what happened with you leaving Baltimore and becoming a Zionist.
    You’re disillusioned from the Truth!
    This is my quote -“I doubt that”.
    Where did I pretend that’s it a Fact?!?
    It’s a fact that Leftists do Appeasement & if you partner with them – it’s very likely to become like them!

    “Besides, it’s all B’Yadei Shomayim and it will be ok.”

    That’s true!
    But if you have a Government that’s Anti- Hashem – the outcome in Israel Won’t be Great!
    I think that the reason that there is a Out of Control Fire near Yerushalyim is because the State of Israel is Out of Control!

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