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@Reb Eliezer
The affidavit requires a lot of personal info that is verified with records in the Registrar’s office
Full Legal Name
Date and place of Birth
Social Security Number.

Remember CT is a small state. Our town has only about 26,000 registered voters and 7 polling places. With 3 checkers from each party on duty at all times, plus two moderators, two asst, Registrars of Voters, two ballot clerks and two clerks working the tabulating machine the chances are near 100% that at least one of the poll workers will know any voter who shows up.
I’ve worked the same polling location for 15 years, I probably know 60% of the voters who come in.
I won’t know new arrivals in town or the 18 year olds voting the first time, but chances are they will be known.
Quick story….
My father always went to NYC by train on Tuesdays and then voted on his way home from the train station, back in 1974 (before we had an ID requirement and drivers licenses didn’t have pictures), I was a poll worker. At 7:45PM a man walked in gave his address as his own and then my father’s name. I yelled out Challenge and asked the Moderator to have the man arrested. The moderator said how do you know? I said, that is not my father, whose name and address were given to get a ballot.
Three minutes later my father walked in to vote. The policeman asked for his ID, then cuffed the first man and led him away.