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Participant, I am saying that Rambam’s approach, being focused on rational, can be studied accordingly as a way of thinking. (I may be re-using Maharal’s paradigm that Bavli creates a method and that is why it is useful for future generations)/ I did not say anything about “conclusions”, I am not a Teimani.

Avira> Learning superficially, in many cases, is a form of chutzpah – it makes Torah out to be simple, robbing it of the divine wisdom that is gained from learning Torah be’iyun.

I think you are right. On one hand, it is wonderful that so many people have access to learning, on the other hand, it does indeed create attitude that we are all now Torah mavens, and then teachers, and then teach students for whom this will be full Torah.

Do we have any way to measure quality of Torah learning, outside of being a full baki yourself? Torah SAT and GRE? Rich people used to be able to hire a talmid chacham to go examine a potential hatan, but now whom do you trust to be an examiner?

I had this discussion with the person and the son I mentioned about davening mincha. The father raised the question what Rav I should be learning with back at home. The son gave a great suggestion: ask his yeshiva Rav whom he is asking shailot in Israel, then go up to the top, then ask this top Israeli posek who is his counterpart in Western hemisphere, and then go down – ask that guy to recommend whom he knows in my country, then in the city. My counter-suggestion was (and still is) – ask the Rav (or listen him discuss) the sugya I know well (I do not mean ust Shulchan Aruch, could be historical, etc) and select based on that.