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“Learning superficially, in many cases, is a form of chutzpah” –
I dont know what superficial learning your talking about, I know of many chabadskers that listen to shiurei Rambam and they learn it very much be’iyun, with miforshim, and were it comes down to halacha, (or not,) so don’t come and state these untrue facts!
In fact, just released an app to help with the daily RamBam that has numerous shiurim from different talmidei chachamim that teach RamBam in depth!

(And if that is not enough for you and you stick to your baseless claim; have you ever heard of learning something B’Girsah?)

And about Chabad becomng an avodah zara sect (C”V), I as well had these concerns and voiced them to a college of mine who is a Chabad Chossid and he explained to me where I went off. I then, and you now, had/have absolutely no clue what a Rebbe (or Nosi Hador, as Reb Moshe refered to the Rebbe as,) is. So go do your research then come back to me. Get your facts straight!