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Abba -“Also why is anyone sueing someone with only social security there is no way the creditor can collect.”

I love people who have No clue.
Your post Proves again for the Umpteen time that you Don’t Know Law!
They don’t care what money you have – they like to make your life miserable anyways!
I used to be not too knowledgeable and when I got a summons – I went to court.
The other side’s lawyer was there, but I got a Ranking out from the Judge.
They waste your time to prove that they can’t collect.
Now when I get a Summons – I ignore it.
You Must read the summons because you never know what’s it about.
If it’s just seeking a Judgment – then you can ignore it, because who cares if they get a Judgment against you.

“Otherwise he can’t afford either a house or a car.”

I was renting & I told the Judge that my car wasn’t worth more than a $1,000.
He looked it up or he knew from the Make, Model & Year.
Do yourself a Favor before you Mess up s/o or even Yourself, tell them to get a Good lawyer.
I’m Not a Lawyer, but I’ve had a lot of cases so I know quite a bit.