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🍫Syag Lchochma

Ash – I am not arguing your whole post but you cannot deny you are not so different in you selective listening. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I also don’t believe you can call everyone outside of your box a conspiracy theorist.

You live in a conspiracy theory world, where the majority of doctors, all who recommend vaccines are either dishonest or fooled by “big pharma” or “Bill Gates”

You are right, not everyone who believes in it is fooled, but to deny that there has been a ban on opposing data is also tinfoil hat material. Besides the few who I heard clips of who you disregard, I have real actual contacts in the medical and pharma world who have verified this ban. So I am not so quick to dismiss it and I resent being called a conspiracy theorist by those who have used their own selective blindness to choose their sources.

Again, I’m not in line with philosopher at all, and I’m not anti vaccine, but from the outside your “quick vaccinate before you kill someone” and “tinfoil hat” cries are no less looney.