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☕ DaasYochid ☕

As Avira and Shimon pointed out, if someone is following the halacha properly, it a kiddush Hashem, not a chillul Hashem.

Halacha takes into consideration not to disturb people, etc, so TS Baum is totally missing the point when saying keeping the halacha can be a c”H.

The fact that AAQ can’t answer Avram’s question in a direct manner demonstrates that some people conflate kiddush Hashem with making goyim happy and/or not doing anything to embarrass frum Jews.

Although those frequently correlate, they are not synonymous, and if there is a conflict, following the halacha is ultimately the kiddush Hashem even if it looks strange and/or angers goyim, and violating Halacha is a chillul Hashem even if it seems to curry favor with goyim.