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2scents -“They do not need to disclose to the pharmacy the condition for the script.”

What if they ask?
You should lie?

“Can go to a neighboring state.”

This is violating people’s Rights. To travel very far.
And what about Elderly & Disabled people that can’t travel?!?

“However, you have not answered the question. What are you trying to prove with this limited executive order, which the NY governer has ordered at the time, with your overall accusing the government with interfering elsewhere?”

Do you have any proof that the Board of Pharmacy rescinded their Order?

I’m not investigating every State to prove to you that DemonCrats Rule all over is violating people’s Rights!

“Are you able to substantiate this statement of yours?”

I’m not going to look at the Defense briefs submitted to those courts.
But I read on the News that they claim it’s Not part of their protocol.
You can investigate those cases further – I’m not.
So you can consider my Post as Opinion.
This is Not a Court of Law!