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🍫Syag Lchochma

The idea that the president can voice disagreement with a jury’s verdict is a chutzpah. But when a black man out on bail deliberately drove his car over children (do I need to say that in all caps for it to resonate?) drove his SUV deliberately over children and adults and there was NOTHING. Biden did not visit or make a phone call. Disgusting. And what could possibly be the reason for his inappropriate over involvement in the Rittenhouse case vs zero mentchlichkeit in the case of 6 children hospitalized for ONE WEEK. because BLM took on the (oddly all white) rittenhouse cause, and the other was just a slap in the face to his liberal judicial system “upgrades”.
He makes me sick. And the media not calling him out is shameful (although they probably drive the bus on this one). It has become so hard to live day to day without being slammed by all this insanity. When does it end? How bad does it have to get?