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Well, שתיקה, if you read the posts than you know that I feal the being honest about an issue is more productive than platitudes.
But I understand the criticism that I havent offered anything consgructive. However I’ll have to preface it with some more hard truths.
The current model relies on בעלי בתים with business experience to support מחנחים in administering מוסדות. The suggestion that בעלי בתים are somehow leaching the system is ludicrous. Simply put, Kollel doesnt teach anyone how to manage multi million dollar budgets, navigate government programs, or supply the contacts to support the kind of philanthropy a typical girls school needs to stay afloat. Hiring a CEO would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but most of these בעלי בתים do it for free. The assumption that if some דעת תורה was in control to stop the בעלי בתים from siphoning off funds then teachers salaries would be increased is much more offensive then my “tone”.
That being said, בעלי בתים are treating teachers like employees. And right now, they have the advantage. Most teachers who choose to teach למידי קודש are dedicated to חינוך, and arent going to just leave and teach in public school or find a job in the public sector. And if one does leave, there is a line of seminary girls willing to take their place.
A subsidy isnt going to change that.
These schools rely on donors who are very interested in how their money is spent. They are willing to spend $120,000 to attract a big name to be the “dean” of the school. They arent willing to spend more than the going rate to attract a teacher that is completely fungible.
You either need to change how מיסדות are run, to be less if a community institution and more like a “prep school”, that focuses on the values of parents, with the attendant higher tuitions, or it gets to the point where teachers are no longer willing to work for the מצוה, and are willing to stick up for themselves.