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Dear Hakatan,

Thanks for the response. Assets and politics is not a State. It is impossible to tell me that a Jewish State is against the Torah, without knowing what a State is.

I am less of a Zionist then you and all the other horsemen of the empty wagon. There is no need for a few Yidden from Poland and Ukraine to remake history for me. Most yidden know that Judaism thrived before, during, and after Eastern Europe. If you would have retained some objectivity, you would realize that you and your ilk have co-opted all the talking points of Herzl and Weizmann and whatever. Too much time fighting Zionism, and too little thinking.

Say whatever you want about the here and the now. You have no right to deny all the Jewish blood that was constantly spilled in unthinkable numbers and unimaginable ways. I know enough to know that you have turned your back on as many of our ancestors, as any anti-religious Zionist. There is more to Hashem’s world than Pro-and-Anti-whatever-Jewish-identification-is-fashionable syndrome.