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I will repeat myself. The treasonous sociopath, Brandon:

– hates all babies and wants to murder them even outside the womb
– hates all mothers so he took formula off the shelves to make them suffer
– hates all females which is why he’s so happy Afghanistan is now run by the Taliban
– hates all women in power so he chose a neighing, horse faced, imbecile VP to make them look bad
– hates law abiding citizens so he opened the border and allows criminals to rape, rob and murder
– hates the U.S. economy and wants everyone to be poor so he created hyper-inflation
– hates everyone who drives so he made fuel costs skyrocket
– hates anyone who purchases anything so he destroyed the U.S. supply chain
– hates peace, freedom and democracy so he allowed Russia to invade Ukraine
– hates all Jews and wants to cause another Holocaust by cutting a worse Iran deal than Obama’s
– hates all who disagree with him so he appointed Nina Goebbels to run the Ministry of Truth
– hates the truth so he always spews bald-faced lies with a smile pasted on his creepy face

That is the DemocRAT way!