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    A shortage in baby formula. The Democrat based media had been silent about this for weeks. This is the type of thing that’s normal for 3rd world countries. No this I’d happening in the rest Joe Biden economy. That and record setting inflation and a tanking stock market. Vote Democrat right? Imagine if there was a formula shortage under Trump. The left would be shrieking for weeks.


    Fear not, brainless Brandon will hold a news conference where he:

    – blames all Republicans for these shortages
    – brags that this is an indication of how well the U.S. economy is doing
    – castigates formula industry CEO’s for artificially manipulating the market
    – claims that this proves why abortion on demand must remain legal and unrestricted
    – appoints his neighing, horse-faced Vice President to spew her usual inane word-salad
    – directs his Minister of Truth to charge complaining mothers as threats to national security

    which Dorah and company will parrot and defend on YWN.


    Ongoing supply chain disruptions tied to the coronavirus pandemic have fueled shortages of a wide range of consumer goods, but the lack of baby formula worsened in February after manufacturer Abbott issued a recall for products made at a Michigan plant and sold under the Similac, Alimentum and EleCare labels. Four children — one in Minnesota, one in Texas and two in Ohio — fell ill with bacterial infections, and two died.

    The FDA said the bacterium Cronobacter sakazakii “may have contributed to the cause of death for both patients.

    Republicans hate safety laws. They would rather have children die. But not in the womb.


    “A shortage in baby formula. The Democrat based media had been silent about this for weeks”

    Lakewhut: You obviously are a machmir on not reading newspapers, watching TV news etc. or your filtering software has gone overboard, either of which presumably accounts for your total ignorance of blanket media coverage of this issue. A simple google search shows thousands of stories on the major national and local news media just over the past month or so. This was a lead story on 2 of the major evening news shows the last week of April and almost a nightly story since. Its the kind of news story every local and national new outlet wants to cover because of its immediate impact on so many families. Otherwise, its a really well-kept secret by the fake news outlets.


    The buck is on the democrats. They are In power and responsible to fix it jackk. You wouldn’t know it by reading about all the Roe vs Wade freakout and aid to Ukraine. The democrats are failing on every front and don’t make anything better. FDA is working too slowly. More democrat red tape. They could drill foot more us oil but no we need to save trees first.



    “Republicans hate safety laws.” I think word you are looking for is over regulation. No republican has issues with monitoring safety of formula and the like. You are being dishonest. However regulations like labels saying “known to cause cancer in the state of California” is what Democrats are all about. Nonsense that is only there to harrass people.

    Regardless, a leader should have been able to make facilities and supplies available to ramp up production, and should have made sure laws to prosecute those stealing formula from stores to sell on ebay and the like. Not just let them loot stores wholesale.


    Part of the problem is a shortage of workers to keep goods moving. The basic cause is starting with the boomers, Americans (our community and the Mormons excepted ) have been more interested in making money and having fun, rather than producing and raising children. The driver who should be delivering the formula never got born. Plus both the labor unions and the Republicans (albeit for different reasons) are anti-immigration, thereby limiting American economic activity to what can be produced with our shrinking and increasing aged work force.

    Note how in the last election, we had a pre-boomer against a boomer running for president, both of whom would be the oldest person ever elected if they won.


    President Biden has directed his administration to work urgently to ensure that during the Abbott Nutrition voluntary recall, infant formula is safe and available for families across the country. Today, President Biden spoke with retailers and manufacturers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Reckitt, and Gerber, to discuss ways we can all work together to do more to help families access infant formula.

    On February 17, the largest infant formula manufacturer in the country—Abbott Nutrition—initiated a voluntary recall of several lines of powdered formula. This came after concerns about bacterial contamination at Abbott’s Sturgis, Michigan, facility after four infants fell ill and two died. The federal government—including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Commerce (DOC), and the White House—has worked diligently over the last few months to address the shortfall in infant formula production while the Sturgis plant remains offline, including working with other infant formula manufacturers to increase production, expediting the import of infant formula from abroad, and calling on both online and in store retailers to establish purchasing limits to prevent the possibility of hoarding. As a result, more infant formula has been produced in the last four weeks than in the four weeks preceding the recall — despite one of the largest infant formula production facilities in the U.S. being offline.

    Families across the country remain concerned about the availability of infant formula—especially families that depend on specialty formulas for which the Sturgis facility is a key supplier. These 20 specialty formulas are used by about 5,000 infants as well as some older children and adults with rare metabolic diseases, and Abbott Nutrition is the only supplier for some of these formulas.

    Today, President Biden is announcing additional steps to bolster our work to get infant formula onto store shelves as quickly as possible without compromising safety. These steps include:

    Cutting Red Tape to Get More Infant Formula to Store Shelves Quicker: Manufacturers typically produce many different sizes of the same type of infant formula. Simplifying product offerings allows manufacturers to increase the speed and scale of their infant formula production, stabilizing the overall volume of formula available in the market. The type of formula that companies make and distribute is impacted by the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), administered by USDA. About half of infant formula nationwide is purchased by participants using WIC benefits, based on both federal requirements and additional rules set by individual states that have a large effect on the availability and distribution of infant formula in a given state.
    To help further increase manufacturers’ ability to meet demand and distribute formula, USDA is working with states to make it easier for vulnerable families to purchase the formula they need with their WIC benefits. USDA is urging states to allow WIC recipients to use their WIC benefits on a wider variety of products so that if certain sizes or types of formula are out of stock, they can use their benefits on those that are in stock. And, USDA is urging states to relax their requirements that stores keep a certain amount of formula in stock. This will offer relief to retailers and allow companies to manage inventories to meet demand. Some states are already doing this. All fifty states should. These actions will make it easier for vulnerable families to get the necessary nutritional support for their infants.

    Calling on the FTC and State Attorneys General to Crack Down on Any Price Gouging or Unfair Market Practices Related to Sales of Infant Formula: Parents looking to feed their child should not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous retailers unfairly jacking up prices. There have been several reports that actors are purchasing formula at retail stores and reselling it online at a markup several times the retail price, especially specialty brands of formula that have experienced the most disruption. These actions not only are costing families hundreds of dollars for formula they need, but drive scarcity on the market. Since February, the FDA has worked with companies, calling on them to issue purchasing limits to help limit such predatory behavior. Many responsible retailers have responded to that call. Now, DOJ is engaging with state attorneys general to encourage them to use their powers to monitor and address price gouging in the infant formula market, and urging them to devote more resources to monitoring predatory behavior in the market for infant formula. And, the President today asked the Federal Trade Commission to use all its available tools to monitor and investigate reports of illegal and predatory conduct.
    Increasing the Supply of Formula Through Increased Imports: The U.S. normally produces 98% percent of the infant formula it consumes, and trading partners in Mexico, Chile, Ireland, and the Netherlands are key sources of imports. But given the production and distribution issues leading to local short supplies of infant formula, the FDA will, in the coming days, announce specific new steps it is taking concerning importing certain infant formula products from abroad.



    I understand what you mean by over-regulation.

    What I meant by safety regulation is – unless you have been living on Mars the past 2 years, you will know that the republicans have been fighting tooth and nail against the CDC Covid advice, Vaccines and Mask Mandates.



    Maybe Biden should be a prophet and have known that there was going to be a bad batch causing baby’s to die thus forcing a recall and have prepared in advance?


    A shortage in baby formula.

    This is in line with the leftists’ agenda and methodology.

    They hate fossil fuel, so they stop development of pipelines and oil drilling, and make the prices high to discourage people from using fossil fuel.

    They want unrestricted abortion-on-demand, so they create a baby formula shortage to make babies impractical so that people will be motivated to kill them.


    If presidents are held responsible for every problem that occurs on their watch, No. 45 would be sitting in Otisville making license plates


    Communist revolution will not work in USA. People will immediately rebel when bread lines will grow and Amazon will not deliver in one hour.

    Democratic mis-management is the answer! By gradual mis-management and destroying the market, Dems create minor problems, turn around and blame markets for those problems and propose “solutions”. Meanwhile, population get used to the “new normal”.

    Simplest to understand: discourage oil & gas investment but without fully killing existing production; insult all potential oil producers; then any disruption will raise the prices and there is no capacity to add; blame producers for gauging, introduce price controls, extra regulation; fully destroy industry.

    Probably same with baby formula – high gas prices, regulations lead to increase in delivery prices. Bad labor policies lead to lack of qualified workers. Maybe bad regulation and supervision leads to the major factory contamination.


    Regarding the tiny amount of Baby Formula that is in the Federal Detention Center that has caused the Republicans to go apoplectic, as if Biden himself decided on where to ship Baby Formula, I will repeat myself.

    The republicans do not care about babies outside of the womb. Once they take their first breath, they can starve to death.
    The religious republicans have their minds in a tizzy because some children who were brought into the country illegally are treated as human beings. Yes, they received formula. They will now live and not die. How terrible!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Wow. Guess you gave up on the “I just want to give a voice to the other side” and jumped right back to the make up my own facts and call you liars. Not just that but the insane twisting of the Republicans stance on killing babies. Or did you not know that those clumps of cells were babies? I forgot where you get your info.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “The republicans do not care about babies outside of the womb. Once they take their first breath, they can starve to death.
    The religious republicans have their minds in a tizzy because some children who were brought into the country illegally are treated as human beings. Yes, they received formula. They will now live and not die. How terrible!“

    That is utter drivel and you know that!

    It’s like saying republicans want to throw granny off the cliff when NY and NJ mandated nursing homes take in Covid patients into nursing homes

    It’s like democrats championing Black Lives Matter but at the same time have no cash bail so more black get killed

    Sorry jack, slogans don’t support the facts


    jackk, reposting gov propaganda without critical reading makes us suspect that you are posting from North Korea. WSJ is already writing that the case involves some heavy-handed gov regulation. I am not convinced everything they mention is true, but you may want to read that before posting and somehow integrate the information.

    In my humble industry experience, every D- administration unleashes all kind of auditors and regulators swarming around businesses, trying to claw back money here and there, generally behaving like Chinese commissars that businesses need to apologize to them for doing something at all and thank them personally for the favor. During early Obama times, it was so ridiculous, that Congress got involved and slashed funds for some of those regulators and suddenly you start getting occasional email from a far away office instead of menacing visits from a local one (that got downsized). So, without knowing exactly who drank the formula, I would suspect gov first nd business second.



    WSJ requires a subscription. From the tiny paragraph I read, it is clear that they are reporting that one of the source of this issue was the batch of formula that killed babies.

    The WH announcement was posted as is to show that is what it is. YWN did not report it.

    I have no way, nor do I have any plans, to verify it.

    To accuse Biden of ignoring or causing the issue is slander.

    There is real bipartisan energy building to do the right thing for babies and their parents right now.

    The issue with regulations in general and our taxing foreign imports is a separate discussion.


    jackk, missing facts seem to be: FDA blames manufacturer, manufacturer does not see their fault, nothing was found. Investigation was going for 3 months. FDA did not see to realize or warn superiors what it means to close a major plants for 3 months.

    Bigger issue – states issue discounted one-supplier contracts leading to industry consolidation, so that one plant closure is catastrophic.


    this approach of first having gov mess things up and then use the crisis to blame others and take more power is not unique to baby formula. for example, Obama switched student loans from private to federal programs “to save money”. Now, the government has power to “forgive” those loans on our behalf.


    All I can say: B. H. – Boruch Hashem that we have Biden and Harris – B. H.
    Under Trump we would have unmasked, non-social distancing mass rallies, with the fool spewing forth narishkeit after narishkeit, while an additional 1,000,000 Americans would die of covid. I personally hold the edited responsible for at least 700,000 deaths – for his lack of leadership at that time, having naive people looking up at him with such adoration, only to die alone later while he kept mouthing off at rally after rally (who the heck holds rallies after you already are the president?)
    B. H.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    do you really think anyone can take you seriously with all that spittle all over your face?


    Moishe, could you try comparing death rates in USA v comparable countries during both presidents? That will tell you effect of each of them, if any. Same for vaccination rates.




    I will repeat myself. The treasonous sociopath, Brandon:

    – hates all babies and wants to murder them even outside the womb
    – hates all mothers so he took formula off the shelves to make them suffer
    – hates all females which is why he’s so happy Afghanistan is now run by the Taliban
    – hates all women in power so he chose a neighing, horse faced, imbecile VP to make them look bad
    – hates law abiding citizens so he opened the border and allows criminals to rape, rob and murder
    – hates the U.S. economy and wants everyone to be poor so he created hyper-inflation
    – hates everyone who drives so he made fuel costs skyrocket
    – hates anyone who purchases anything so he destroyed the U.S. supply chain
    – hates peace, freedom and democracy so he allowed Russia to invade Ukraine
    – hates all Jews and wants to cause another Holocaust by cutting a worse Iran deal than Obama’s
    – hates all who disagree with him so he appointed Nina Goebbels to run the Ministry of Truth
    – hates the truth so he always spews bald-faced lies with a smile pasted on his creepy face

    That is the DemocRAT way!


    ” I personally hold the edited responsible for at least 700,000 deaths..”

    A bit overstated….most studies only attribute 660,000 covid-related fatalities to him and his policies.



    According to CDC statistics, there were 424,292 COVID fatalities in the U.S. as of January 20, 2021. Brandon the Butcher is responsible for almost 600,000 deaths.


    Nine Republicans voted against a bill that would help poor families buy baby formula.
    The bill is a measure that expands on a federal program to help low-income women and children.
    Separately, 192 Republicans voted no on a bill to staff up the FDA to help manage formula supply.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Separately, 192 Republicans voted no on a bill to staff up the FDA to help manage formula supply.

    …on a bill
    meant to address the ongoing baby formula crisis in the form of increased funding for the Food and Drug Administration. HR 7790 proposed a $28 million cash infusion to help the FDA address the current formula shortage and prevent future supply chain issues. DeLauro told NBC before the vote that most of the cash in her legislation would go to staffing up the FDA and bolstering its inspection force.

    Fixed that for you.

    Very surprised at your misrepresentation.



    I am not clear how ,”on a bill to staff up the FDA to help manage formula supply.” is any different than what you put in bold and then ended with “DeLauro told NBC before the vote that most of the cash in her legislation would go to staffing up the FDA and bolstering its inspection force.”

    Since my post was copied straight off of a news website, any non-clarity was inadvertent. I myself would have worded it much more derogatory against the republicans.


    To jackk: In your last sentence of your last comment, you used an adjective (derogatory) to modify a verb (worded). What is wrong with you?


    Did the republicans who voted against the bill, do anything else, that I missed, in order to alleviate the Baby formula shortage?



    Unfortunately for this country, the democRATS currently control the Executive branch as well as the House and Senate. When will you and bumbling Brandon change out of diapers and put on big-boy pants, instead of blaming his train-wreck presidency on everyone else?



    People’s lives are literally at stake and the House is playing stupid STUPID tipshus partisan politics. The Democrats introduced a bill called “The Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act” and almost every Republican voted against it. In contrast, the GOP introduced the “Baby Needs Formula Now Act” and the Democrats are expected to kill it in Congress.

    No one in Washington cares about the people. Politics has devolved into a sports rivalry where no one can dare allow the other team to score a point.


    The idea that we need more people @ FDA to have more formula is questionable. Biden just used pda to alleviate problems created by current FDA employees.


    dorah – “If presidents are held responsible for every problem that occurs on their watch, No. 45 would be sitting in Otisville making license plates” ! well said !!!
    syag – “do you really think anyone can take you seriously with all that spittle all over your face?”
    that’s it , don’t discuss the issue at hand, just find insults to throw. well done !!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh wise one, which part of that was name calling? You write nasty posts filled with names and adjectives that would put most potty mouthed kindergartens to shame and you don’t like it to be pointed out that your anger is unbecoming? Tough luck, life’s rough.
    P.s.that was the issue at hand.


    “Nasty posts”? “Put most potty mouthed kindergartens to shame”?
    Find me one post like that
    Don’t even bother to reply, we know where you come from
    FEH !!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Really? Where?

    Dr. Pepper


    I’m in no way trying to offend you but in my personal opinion the article you copied was missing a critical word- the word “only”.

    Here’s what it should have written- “Nine Republicans voted against a bill that would help => only <= poor families buy baby formula.”

    It’s a tough decision to vote on and I’m happy that I’m not able to vote on it but it’s only fair for the 9 Republicans who voted against it to explain why they voted against it. (Regardless of whether you agree with their decision or not.)

    As far as your next question is concerned- just because someone knows that a proposed solution is the incorrect one, it doesn’t mean that they have the correct solution (or that it even exists).


    Dr Pepper,

    For a bill that received 414-9 bipartisan support, it is clear that nobody agrees to the 9 republicans.
    They should be ashamed of themselves since they knew that the bill would pass.
    They were handed a bill to assist Americans and they voted against.
    They simply hate Biden and Democrats more than they love their fellow Americans.

    I am sorry the Republican party has come to be represented by these 9 people. They can always be counted on to be traitors.
    Reps. Andy Biggs (Arizona), Lauren Boebert (Colorado), Matt Gaetz (Florida), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Paul Gosar (Arizona), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia), Clay Higgins (Louisiana), Thomas Massie (Kentucky) and Chip Roy (Texas).

    By the way, I read some of their excuses. They are laughable.
    According to their excuses they will never vote for any bill in congress.

    If they can’t help the American people, they can get out of the way of the people who are working for them. They won’t because they are self-centered and pompous.

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