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your comment is shocking
to just dismiss the vast vast majority of poskim who do not hold abotyion is murder (at least for yidden), should make any frum yid shudder. It is one thing to (wrongly) claim that klal yisroel has accepted the opinion of those who wholsd it is murder. But to completly dismiss the Achiezer, Seridei Eish, Maharit , R’ Yaakov Emdedn Tzitz eliezer, R’ Shlomo Zalman, chavas Yair, Minhas chinuch, Rashi, Tosfos (some Baalei Tosfos there is a machlokes) among others as not even existing!?!

How low we have you fallen. Our parents and grandparents would be shocked at this discussion, to just mach avek all those shitos.
Again you dont hold of them fine. You want to be machmir (or meikel) on yourself and not allow those abortions b’seder. but to say they don’t exist?

“. However, to oivdei Hashem who value life abortion is repulsive and unthinkable even when technically allowed by halacha ”

Nu nu so you are frummer than the Borei Olam,, to most people that isnt how halacha works, if muttar its muttar if asur than assur.

” After 40 days abortion is only allowed if the mother’s physical life is in danger, not if there’s a perceived threat of mental health issues.”

In your opinion. and you are free to have an opinion. I’ll bet noone ever came to you with suc ha sheilah. The poskim who get these shailahs’ do sometimes allow after 40 days .

“Abortion is murder. Abortion is murder. Abortion is murder. Period.”

Is that how halacha works? You repeat things over an over and they become true