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” And they would scream “murderer!” Without getting into any shailos if it’s *really* murder or not.”

Speak for yourself, may be your zeideh was an am haaretz. not sure that is muttar to say, but definitely don;t say that about all of us

And you have a funny idea about how pesak works. This isn’t about who was “bigger” A point you’ve made a few times that is completely irrelevant . (See YD 3:88 where he gives chizuk to someone afraid to argue with the Chazon Ish) Sure R’ Moshe is greater, pesak doesnt always follow who was “greater” .
you personally hold like R’ Moshe, Beseder. He is vey happy I’m sure he is pumped to get your stamp of approval.

“”you may be right and your opponents holding by minority opinion””
H isnt right. R’ Moshe Is the minority opinion. As demonstrated repeatedly .
Though certainly I’d be chosesh for such a significant minority opieion for such a potetially chamur issur

“or undergoes an abortion will be executed”

undergoing is probably not assur, there is probably no lifnei iver for a beni noach.
but sure I agree

“Why is there even any hava mina that there might be a right to kill a mamzer, any more than to kill a non-mamzer?”
There is no such hava aminah. but according to most poskim abortion isnt murder. In the case of a mamzer R’ Yaakov Emden holds it is muttar to abort (not murder obviously) a mamzer.