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Mheichi Teisi

@n0mesorah those three problems are exacerbated by climate change/global warming. Furthermore, while there is not quite as much of a danger of flooding in the us ( other than Florida), the danger of flooding in other countries is much higher. There are a lot of island countries that will go underwater in a few decades. Those countries don’t have that many people, but there are a few countries that have a high population that are at a huge risk of flooding. Bangladesh has a population of about 200 million people. It sits at the end of the Ganges river, and a large part of the population lives around the river delta. It has a very high risk of going underwater, and if it does, the people that live there would move to other countries. The us would be on that list. Other countries in south and Central America, where farming is reduced due to drought caused by climate change will also migrate to the us.