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I live in a town that banned single use plastic bags over a decade ago. We have recycling for plastics metals and compostables. Styrofoam takeout containers and cups are also banned.You can pay for the disposal of packaging styrofoam at several locations in town. I live in a town the size of LKWD and we own our own dump that is managed by a waste management company. I’ve never had a problem with recycling, I’ve been recycling for over a half century. It does not impact my personal lifestyle. We also have 5 different diaper laundry services, which cuts back on disposable diapers in the landfill. It costs about $11.75 a month for a 35 gal trash can. Recycling bins, compost buckets and lawn and leaf bins are no charge to customers. Senior and veterans discounts are available. Trash pickup and recycling pick up is weekly.

I don’t produce a lot of trash, it’s just me, a housekeeper who comes in daily and my handyman who is here on a regular basis. I do not fill a 35 gal container on a monthly basis. I have friends with families with children(5+) and the majority of them do not fill a 35 gal container weekly. I think a lot has to do with lifestyle and values. Municipal surveys indicate if we were to pay to have our trash hauled and dumped in another area our costs per household would be at a minimum of $100 a month. Locally the disposal company sponsors shredding events (shredding paper for security purposes and making it easier to breakdown in a landfill) and commodity purchasing events several times a year. Life is very different whe