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Avira and it’s evil at its core.

>> When it comes to mitzvos “Hashem will forgive us”, nu nu, it’s only a mitzvah…

We have lots of halakha of postponing bris (jaundice) or cancelling (hemophilia, empirically measured – 2 brothers dying), possibly even draft as I mentioned (Yevamos ~ 70). So, it is clear that health is a factor, the question is a matter of degree that can be rationally discussed, nothing “evil” here. The “forgive” wording is entirely mine, poorly paraphrasing the shabbos breaking rationale “live for them”.

>> But when we have non torah based political interests…. that’s a different story.

I understand that you see this as political on the context of pro- and anti-Zionism. Here we are trying to get into another person’s mind, so let’s try following him. In the context of people affiliated with Israel as a Jewish country, this is an issue of having an upper hand against the enemy who is a threat to Jewish lives. Lubavicher was quoting in this context a difference between fighting goyim in general and those who attack border cities – the latter requires extra protection, otherwise enemy will continue creeping in over time, like Russia in Ukraine. Har Habayit is an important place both in Jewish and non-Jewish minds, so prevailing there matters. You can continue arguing that his premise is wrong and Jews should evacuate from Israel, or you can disagree with the heshbon whether it is healthy to provoke a billion people, but – again, from that POV – it is a reasonable sevora.