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Meshugene horse, Yabia,
while Rambam says In hilchot deot that the middle road is the right one, he also allows for _temporary_ deviations from the middle path. So, it is reasonable to react to general decrease of observance by increasing it; to progressive education by avoiding it, etc. – but not to make these deviations into a new religion. Note that this “opposite” approach is not just recent. For example, from the time of Rishonim, some started emphasizing that we are “religion of action” rather than just belief – in opposition to the other religion that proclaimed that “belief only” is sufficient.
We also used to have 10 commandments as part of daily public service, and we stopped it again because of minim who said that the 10 are the only ones that are important. We had also lots of takanot against Tzdukim that we now barely pay attention to (shabbat hagadol, for example).

Overall, it might take centuries until we figure out which innovations are genuine improvements, which are harmless changes, and which are temporary measures that we don’t need to take a neder on.