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Whose tefillos do YOU think are more powerful and have a bigger chance to be answered by Hashem? A person going to a middleman shliach Gadol Hador or a kever OR a person turning directly to Hashem wholeheartedly in the corner of his own home and asking Hashem to please give him the help he needs for what he’s davening for?

Your right the gadol Hador is a big tzaddik and we all know the famous line “Tzaddik Gozer Hashem Mekayim” which means when a tzaddik decrees for something Hashem answers him but at the end of the day a person who turn directly to Hashem wholeheartedly without any middlemen is way more powerful.

Think about this and start working on your faith and trust directly in Hashem. Maybe a good idea to make a daily learning Seder of Sefer Chovos Halevovos (Duties of the heart, they have it translated in English too)