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There you have it ladies and gentlemen.

Syag has “mental health training” and has responded to my emotianl rant” that he works with “trans”…So there you go from someonw who was “tained” in the field of “mental health”. Hashem yerachim that you read this on a frum website. No one can change their gender which is encoded in their DNA! Of course I’m emotional and angry because they are people like you fardrying a kup for our youth Hashem yishmor that we are here on a “frum” website and we have someone posting such disgusting ideology. Moshiach has to come now before we reach the 60th level of tuma! This is horrifying!

But you definitely are proof that those who have training in the “mental health” industry has gone insane themselves.

Syag, Please explain how a person can be “trans” if they can’t change their DNA. Please explain how such a big percentage of youth in the USA -57%- have mental disorders and please explain how the “mental health” industry is making those people better if those numbers, as well as suicides, keep on increasing.

Honestly that I’m reading this here is nuts. It’s worse than I thought. I thought my speaking about the supposed “trans” situation will not be relevant on this forum and look where we are. We need moshiach now or we are doomed!