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You really think that it makes a hoot of a difference what his biological gender is, what he stole or for how long he denied it?

Punkt Fakert. YWN should ignore the story for those reasons alone.

I will not research who he is. I will ignore the right wing media amplifying a simple story of a ganav because of the side aspects of the story.

If you have issues with the Biden administration selecting him in January 2022 to be the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy because his gender/lifestyle should automatically disqualify him, then I have a lot of people whose immorality should automatically disqualify them from the government. (One of them is Trump who paid someone off to be quiet Vday Lachakima Bremiza.)

“As for the SS marriage issue… I guess only a real frum yid would relate to the pertinence of the issue.”

The pertinence of the SS issue is only for republicans who have no positive commandments and only have 2 negative ones (Abortion and Immoral Lifestyles.)

Maybe we should only vote for congressmen who will disallow all marriages between jews and non-jews? Because in my Torah it says that is the worst aveirah.